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Reiki Can Help Lift Your Mood , Spirit & Physical  Energy- through the Winter Blues!!!

 Stagnent & Stuck energy , sadly can be part of the Winter blues & may hit you  unexpectedly. Reiki can be one of the most effective ways to shift the blues, quickly on their way.

Winter Blues can hit with varying levels of intensity. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is the most intense level that actually qualifies as a form of clinical depression. A SAD diagnosis typically comes from a pattern of recurring depression throughout the winter season.

The winter blues are a milder version of SAD, with milder versions of the same symptoms that can include:

Notably gloomier mood ,you just can’t shake

Overall apathy

Irritability, boredom, fatigue

Excess sleeping, difficulty waking up or staying awake

Decreased interest in being around others or engaging in activities you used to enjoy

Cravings for carbohydrates, overeating and weight gain.

Reiki can effectively Restore  Balance

Winter’s shorter daylight hours and overall lack of sunlight can result in a biochemical imbalance in the body. This imbalance, in turn, can contribute to the onset of many symptoms. Reiki is well-known for restoring physical, mental, emotional & spiritual balance, using healing energy to reestablish a healthy homeostasis.

Reiki can effectively Boost your Mood

Reiki can significantly improve your mood, breaking you out of a negative funk. An improved mood can have a domino effect on issues linked to a negative mood, such as anxiety, anger, confusion, hopelessness and depression. You may find a notable increase in your positive energy, along with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

A positive mood also works to help clear out the negative thoughts and feelings that were bogging you down and disrupting the flow of your life force. Once the negative blocks are removed, your life force can once again flow freely and happily throughout your system, further strengthening that all-important balance.

Reiki can effectively Reduce Stress

Reiki’s ability to reduce stress adds one more layer of relief, especially since chronic stress – and ineffective coping methods – can contribute to depression during any season. Reiki is actually designed to trigger your body’s relaxation response, which can bring on immediate as well as lasting relief from stress on the physical, emotional , mental Spiritual levels.
Although SAD and the winter blues tend to lift when spring and summer come rolling around, there’s no reason to wallow in misery while you’re waiting.
 eiki is at your service all season long to help melt those winter blues away, or any blues!!

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