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 "Clear & Go" Energy Clearing Spray
"Clear & Go" Aura Clearing Spray
Clear your energy field/Aura in seconds!
Price: $25.00
Protection and Clearing...and of course...always LOVE… in a handy, convenient spray Bottle

Purify, protect, and cleanse your energy field and environment.
Clear & Go Healing Spray is a special blend of essential oils, flower essences, and gemstones intended to clear your energy field and environment from unwanted energies.
reiki clear & go spray aura energy field How it came about:
Through meditation with my loving and powerful spirits.
I was shown the importance of keeping our energy field (or Aura) clear of unwanted energies that eventually could zap our physical stamina, alter our thinking, and create negative pathways in life.
I have always used essential oils and flower essences and knew the healing benefits of gemstones and sea salts to cleanse negative energies.
It can be sprayed anywhere, anytime to clear the energy field.
Think about it… essential oils and flower essences are literally the life force of the plant. We know about the healing properties of herbs, and we take vitamins to supplement our bodies.
Why not use LOVE to supplement your energy field?
I began using the spray with clients, and they really loved it and wanted to buy their own bottles to use at home.
How to use:
Spray a light mist around your body, and in any space that needs cleansing. Use the spray as often as you like. If you spray your clothing or fabrics, a light citrus scent will remain for 15 – 20 minutes.
What it is good for :
Use "Clear & Go" Aura Spray to cleanse and recharge your energy field, and the energy field of any space you are in such as your home, office, or car, etc....
Think about all the people you come into contact with in a day. Imagine the energy you pick up from those events, interactions. It isn’t hard to imagine that you’d need to clean your field once in a while.
Now in a plastic 1oz. bottle, to conveniently take with you on your next vacation or travels!!
Spray in your hotel room, or rental car~ clear the residual energies from prior people. 
 * Great face mist for morning, evening or anytime you need a lift!!
What’s in it?
  • Therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils
  • Flower Essences
  • Crystal  Gemstones
  • Natural Sea Salt

What does it smell like?
 Light, clean, and fresh citrus notes combine with an earthy scent.
Purchase your own bottle on line or in person at your next session
1oz. bottle

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