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Magical Cleanse
Detox Bath
Price: $31.50

   "Magical Cleanse"
    Whole Body Liquid Detox
       For Your Bathwater

magical cleanse body detoxifier
Detoxing may intrigue you if you experience regular constipation, carry excess body weight, feel tired constantly or want to remove toxins from your body.

This type of detoxing allows your body to flush out toxins that enter your body through chemically altered foods, environmental pollution and pesticides, drugs, alcohol, etc..

How it came about:
Through meditation with my Loving and Powerful Spirits!!
 Just as I was shown, through spirit, with the "CLEAR & GO" and "PENDULUM CLEARING" sprays, that I make.

 I have always used essential oils, stones and flower essences, and all the other fabulous healing gifts of this planet, that our great Mother Earth has provided us with. 
Some of the most amazing and natural pulling properties available.   
How to use:
It's so easy...Just drop a small capful into your bathwater (doesn't matter the size tub) and relax for up to 20 minutes. Enjoy a herbal tea, water or refreshing coconut water afterwards.
What it is good for :

Use "Magical cleanse" to cleanse, purify and recharge your bodies systems.
It has a much stronger pulling power than clay.
Think about all the toxins, chemicals, impurities we come in contact with everyday. 

Here is just a few:
  • Contaminated food/beverages
  • Prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and illegal drugs
  • Enviroment
  • Parasites
  • From the stuff we put in our body to stuff we put on our body, the list goes on...
  • It isn’t hard to imagine that you’d need to clean your systems weekly.

Our body systems can just get Overloaded. I run into people all the time, who simply just over-do it with detox & cleansing programs and end up just going backwards. 
I have my clients doing one clay bath or one magical cleanse weekly...that's it!

nature balance detox impurities

Imagine how restored, rejuvenated and regenerated, you could feel , by just simplifiy your detoxing progam with such a powerful easy to use cleanse.

A  body detox may help "jump-start" a weight loss program or a healthier way of life. 

Your body naturally detoxifies itself by passing blood and wastes through your liver and kidneys. 

During and after following a relaxing, detoxing bath, you may experience increased energy and improved focus. 

What’s in it?
  • Therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils
  • Flower, Tree, Plant Essences
  • Crystal Gemstones, rocks, stones, Essences

Side Effects:
As with any detox program, it may cause unwanted side effects, if done too often, causing nausea, fatigue or dizziness.
.I strongly recommend only doing 1- bath a week, as the Magical Cleanse is powerful and concentrated, . 
There is enough in this small 1/2 oz.bottle for over 10 baths!
One capful per bath
*Unlimited quantities available*

    IMPORTANT: Magical cleanse is not a substitute for medical treatment from appropriate professionals ,and would be considered "alternative" or "complementary" to the healing arts that are licensed in the United States..                                            
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