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Pendulum & stone clearing spray
Clear & Recharge crystals and gemstones
Price: $22.00
Pendulum-Stone-Gem-Crystal  Clearing Spray
Works on ALL stones, crystals and gems
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No more soaking, putting in salt, setting in the moonlight or burying deep in the ground to clear disturbing or harmful energies! 

Just spray, hold and wait a few seconds.... DONE ...It's that easy!! 

Purify, Protect and cleanse your pendulum, gemstones, crystals, rocks and stones.... 
Pendulum Clearing Spray is a powerful blend of essential oils, flower essences, LOVE, and other gemstone essences, intended to clear your pendulum from ALL unwanted energies.
How it came about:
Through meditation with my loving and powerful spirits.
I was shown the importance of keeping our pendulums clear of unwanted energies that eventually could alter the pendulums channel, creating negative energy around our information field.
I have always used essential oils and flower essences and knew the powerful benefits of gemstones and sea salts to cleanse negative energies.
It can be sprayed anywhere, anytime to clear your pendulum and stones.
Why not use LOVE to clear your pendulum and stones?
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I began using the spray on my own pendulum, in sessions with my clients, and they really loved how quick and easy it was.
Many of us were taught the long waiting techniques and procedures , to clear our pendulums....
 (and some  gave up trying).
Pendulums are precious "Tool to the Universe", and must be kept clean and clear . So , should all your stones, to get the most power, energy and vibration from them. 

 How to use:
Spray a light mist on pendulum and hold in hands for a few seconds.
 Use the spray as often as you like.
What is it good for:
Use Pendulum Clearing Spray to cleanse and recharge your pendulum and ALL your stones.
Think about all the people and energies you come into contact with in a day. Imagine the energy your pendulum can pick up from events, gatherings, interactions and the universe. It isn't hard to imagine that you would need to clear your pendulum quite often.
What's in it?
Therapeutic grade Young Living Essential Oils
Flower essences
Crystal gemstone essences
Natural sea salt
Vibrational light & energy bayday reiki master teacher
What does it smell like?
Light, clean and fresh citrus notes, combined with an earthy scent
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  1oz. bottle $22.00
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