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Energy healing systems, like Reiki, have been used to help humans for thousands of years. We now know that these powerful healing modalities can be used to help all animals.

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Animal Reiki is able to release energetic blockages which create imbalances and disease in your animal.
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Reiki restores all the bodies systems to their "Natural State Of Balance"
Animals intuitively recognize and understand the power of Reiki and know it has the ability to heal them.
They may come around us more, nodge, push or give us those "eyes", that's there's something just not right with them.

vibrational light & energy

Reiki releases energetic blockages that can be held in an animal’s entire being:
  •  physical
  •  mental
  •  emotional
  •  spiritual bodies

Reiki works by bringing about a deep relaxation response which allows the body to release toxins on all levels of the animal's being.
 When the animal's entire being is unblocked and returned to it's natural state of balance, it leads to increased wellness and happiness for your animal and you!!

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A Reiki treatment is  harmless and safe. It simply complements all holistic and  healing modalities you may be using under your veterinarian's supervision .

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For pets who are transitioning home to Spirit, Reiki is an especially powerful yet gentle tool to give your beloved animal companion as they go through the dying process.

 Reiki is pure love and therefore offers loving support and comfort which can give your animal relief from pain, fear, and anxiety thus easing their transition to Spirit.

Benefits of Animal Reiki Treatments:
  • It's simplistic, yet gentle and non-invasive
  • It's done remotely, so you and your pet, stay in the comfort of your own  environment.
  • Is safe, effective and can do no harm
  • Animals intuitively understand and recognize the Universal Life Force known as Reiki, and understand the healing power of Reiki on an instinctual level.
  • Reiki works by creating a relaxation response so the body can heal itself
  • Reduces stress and anxiety while creating a sense of well being,
  • Relaxation and balance
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Speeds recovery from surgery, injury and illness
  • Helps with fear, anxiety, aggression, depression and other behaviorally-based issues
  • Helps animals in transition to die with peace and dignity
  • Heals past and present traumas

healing injuries/surgeries
After an Reiki treatment, results can be seen within the 24-48 hours. In some cases, you may notice an immediate change in your animal. Often, healing can be seen in your animal after only one or two Animal Reiki treatments.

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 While some conditions may require regular on-going Reiki treatments to facilitate and complete the healing process.
To receive the maximum benefit, a regularly scheduled program of Reiki treatments is strongly suggested for the continued health and well-being of your animal companion. 

Bayday will need your pets name, and what type of animal it is.

Please include day and time you would like session to start.

An email will be sent to you within 24 hours, with information on session.
That's easy!

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*Please note: Reiki is never a substitute for veterinary care and
*If you feel your animal is not well, contact your veterinarian.
*Always consult your veterinarian about the best course of medical treatment for your animal.


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