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Bach Flowers

petunia flower/  herbal remedies                                                                                                                              
If we could see the miracle of a flower clearly,
our whole life would change.
                                                                                                                                BACH FLOWERS
Many people know that herbs and plants can be used to cleanse and heal the body. Flowers can be used to cleanse and heal the mind and emotions.
There are 38 different - negative moods or states of mind that afflict man. The vibrational properties of certain flowers when ingested could help release and soothe certain deep-seated emotions.
Many health conditions from Parkinson's disease to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to headaches and chronic fatigue are linked to a suppressed or unresolved feelings.
There are some common sayings that reflect the notion the emotions effect the body such as he suffers from a "broken heart" or he "died of grief".
We also refer to being stressed out, worn out, exhausted when, in fact, the foundation of that physical feeling is emotional.
I would venture to say that most people have felt a physical connection to their emotional state. Perhaps the theory that Dr. Bach believed so deeply should be given some thought.
Listed are the 38 different flower remedies: 
fear of known things - Mimulus
fear or over-concern of others - Red Chestnut
fear of mind giving way - Cherry Plum
terror - Rock Rose
fears and worries of unknown origin - Aspen
Monday morning feeling - Hornbeam
hopelessness and despair - Gorse
discouragement, despondency - Gentian
uncertainty and indecision - Scleranthus
uncertainty as to correct path in life - Wild Oat
seeks advice and confirmation from others - Cerato
Insufficient interest in present circumstances
lack of energy - Olive
unwanted thoughts, mental arguments - White Chestnut
lives in the past - Honeysuckle
failure to learn from past mistakes - Chestnut Bud
dreaminess, lack of interest in present - Clematis
self-centred, self-concern - Heather
impatience - Impatiens
deep gloom with no origin - Mustard
resignation, apathy - Wild Rose
proud, aloof - Water Violet
Oversensitive to influences and ideas
hatred, envy, jealousy - Holly
weak willed and subservient - Centaury
mental torment behind a brave face - Agrimony
protection from change and outside influences - Walnut
Despondency or despair
lack of confidence - Larch
exhausted but struggles on - Oak
self hatred, sense of uncleanliness - Crab Apple
after effects of shock - Star of Bethlehem
resentment - Willow
overwhelmed by responsibility - Elm
self reproach, guilt - Pine
extreme mental anguish - Sweet Chestnut
Over-care for the welfare of others
domineering, inflexible - Vine
over enthusiasm - Vervain
intolerance - Beech
selfish, possessive - Chicory
self repression, self denial - Rock Water
There is also a remedy called RESCUE REMEDY and an improved remedy called Distress Remedy which is a generic emotional stabilizer. Also, beneficial for dreaming and bringing emotions to the surface.
The vibration of the flowers are meant to allow a deeply suppressed emotion or memory to surface so that it can be worked out.
 The Chinese believe that for ultimate health you must balance and consider the body as a whole.
I believe that a healthy mind and attitude are needed to help create a healthy body. I am open to the idea that Bach Flower Remedies can assist in achieving a healthy mind and attitude. 

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