Excercise and the Aging Dog


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Excercise and the Aging Dog

Excercise and the Aging Dog
Ideas and tips to keep senior dogs healthy and happy by maintaining regular exercise and bodyweight.

Typically senior dogs begin to show signs of age with a variety of symptoms. From joint pain and stiffness to hearing and vision issues, there are a wide range of concerns that can arise. Coupled with these possible issues is the fact that aging canines often are less active and therefore tend to gain weight which can cause further health concerns.
Regular exercise and activity can help to maintain a healthy body weight as well as prevent and delay many signs of aging. Therefore it is very important for senior dogs to maintain an active lifestyle but there are some things that pet owners should bear in mind when exercising older animals
Osteoporosis Exercises Increase Bone Density Levels 
Seek expert Advice When beginning any exercise regimen the expertise of a certified veterinarian should be sought.
 There is a possibility of unknown health issues that may require professional assistance, especially when dealing with senior dogs. A certified veterinarian will be able to provide individualized advice on an exercise routine that is specific to your dog and his or her personal requirements.
Definition of a Senior Dog
This can be tricky as different breeds can have very different average life expectancies.
  • Medium and small dogs average approximately 14-16 years
  • Large and particularly giant breed dogs have the shortest average life span, often ranging a mere 7-9 years.
Of course there are exceptions to every rule and with proper nutrition and exercise many dogs can comfortably exceed these numbers.
Exercise Ideas for the Senior Dog Similar to humans, dogs’ energy requirements will decrease as they age. It is important to remember that exercise should be suited to the comfort and activity level of the dog, activities that are too strenuous will certainly not help to maintain physical condition and can in fact cause damage instead.
  • Have fun! If your dog has always loved a particular sport or game adapt it to suit his or her current level of activity
  • If the weather is suitable, get outdoors. Whether it is a walk or simply exploring the yard, enjoy the fresh air together. The change in scenery will be stimulating and new scents are always welcome to dogs of any age.
  • Play fetch, indoors or out this is a great way to help dogs stay active.
  • Go swimming, water activities are wonderful ways to maintain physical fitness with very little impact to joints.
Regardless of what the actual activity is, be creative and have fun. Senior dogs can live very full and rewarding lives with a little extra effort from their owners.

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