Twelve Tips of Christmas- Holiday Pet Care Safety Tips


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Twelve Tips of Christmas- Holiday Pet Care Safety Tips

 Twelve Tips of Christmas- Holiday Pet Care Safety Tips 
With decorations strung across the mantle, mistletoe & finger licking dishes galore.
Not to mention tree’s a glow and beautifully adorned with glistening ornaments you & your pet are sure to get in the Holiday spirit. However, festive eye catching decorations are bound to catch the playful attention of the family pet. Whiskers can’t resist climbing great heights to bat at the fragile tree
Ornaments, while Fido can’t resist the fun urge to use them as chew toys.
 But what’s really on your dogs mind & stomach is his hankering appetite for the Christmas ham. Tis is the time for season’s eatings!
We have all heard Christmas horror stories of a Christmas tree being knocked over by a rambunctious dog running through the room or playing tug of woof with a string of lights. Of course, your dog always wins leaving the tree & decorations toppling down. TIMBER!! Or perhaps, your Christmas dinner has fallen victim to your pups hungry appetite leaving your empty stomach growling for leftovers, but there aren’t any.
  No one wants these scenarios being played out or repeated again this year!
So,  I am so happy to come across a wonderful insightful Christmas article that gives tips on having a safe, healthy, happy and festive Holiday with the loving pets in our lives.
 Let the countdown begin!
 The Twelve days of Christmas isn’t complete without the ”twelve pet tips of Christmas” to help keep your dog and cat safe during the eventful holiday season.
1. Anticipate your guest’s arrivals and confine your dog to prevent it from escaping or worse yet “soiling” your guest’s clothes with an unwanted jump.
2. Reduce your dog’s stress by maintaining its regular feeding and exercise routine. Develop a routine for your dog during holiday parties. A special treat in a special room of your house works well.
3. Put packages out of reach! Dogs who smell food in a package will rip it open. Food is the number one holiday hazard for dogs. The foods that we eat can cause havoc on an animal’s intestines. Put away children’s toys after they are opened. Ingested toys can cause choking and may have to be removed through surgery.
4. Tell guests not to share indulgences with your pet. Poultry skin, fat trimmings, rich gravies, and buttery sauces can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, or even worse, a life threatening inflammation of the pancreas. Also, remember that an ounce of alcoholic beverage can put a small dog into a coma.
5. Stow chocolate candy or baking ingredients out of reach. Chocolate is the most common toxicity treat during the holidays. Small amounts cause problems. Larger amounts can cause above normal heart rhythms, nervous system malfunctions, and even death. Secure your garbage in bins with tight lids. (This is a good habit to get into all year!) A dog can chew up holiday garbage, which can result in intestinal problems.
6. Buy only decorating products that are labeled non-toxic.
7. Secure large trees to the wall to prevent tipping, or consider a smaller tree that can fit on a tabletop.
8. Remember that stomach problems can be caused by popcorn and gumdrops. Avoid using these strings of edible decorations.
9. Fasten all your tree decorations securely, with the more fragile ones at the top. Dogs who chew these can suffer cuts in their mouth from broken ornaments.
10. Return paper and other gift wrapping materials to their storage places after gift wrapping is finished.
11. Place holiday plants out of reach and vacuum often. Poinsettia can cause drooling, oral pain, and vomiting. Mistletoe causes vomiting, labored breathing, shock, and death from cardiovascular collapse. When animals eat the needles from real or fake trees, they can also get intestinal blockage.
12. Display candles on high shelves to avoid painful burns and singed Whiskers and make sure that cords are tucked out of reach. Electrocution can put a huge damper on Holiday festivities.Write your post here.

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