The Spleen Chakra/Chakra 2


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The Spleen Chakra/Chakra 2

The Svadisthana Chakra
The Spleen Chakra
This is the sexual chakra and it is all about relationships and sexuality. This chakra governs passions, emotions & feelings. It can also lead to anger or fear when unbalanced. The instinct to nurture is strong in this chakra, as are other aspects of a feminine nature such as nursing, perceptions of food or sex, creative energy, women's power, and feminine health.
 Not only governing the feminine aspects, the body's energy that springs from this source governs sexual vitality, physical power and fertility of all varieties. It also aids digestion, removes repression and inhibitions. It can broaden the mind and assist you in copeing with your life and career.
The reproductive system, ovaries and testes are governed by the Spleen Chakra. You can rid yourself of tension, and develop your sexuality by meditating on this particular chakra. This Chakra has a need to be looked on with admiration by family and friends, although only in the most honorable ways. It requires full respect.
When balanced, the spleen chakra aids a person in the arts of being friendly, optimistic, creative, and imaginative. A balance shows concern for others, and is intuitive. It is cheerful as well with a desire for pleasure. Balance in this chakra makes a person vital and with a potential for ease of sexual satisfaction, decrimination and prosperity. This type of individual brightens the day and strengthens our own appetites for life! Other of its qualities are joy, general overall happiness, resourcefulness and confidence. It is also considered to be spontaneous and playful.
Unfortunately, when this chakra is out of balance to the point of being underactive, a person will be lethargic, repressed, clingy, guilt ridden, frigid or impotent. They will seem shy, and mistrustful of others. They often hide their emotions and can be extremely overly sensitive. They are easily hurt emotionally, but unable to show or express it, so they carry around the guilt and the doubt on a day to day basis. Naturally, these timid souls are introverted and anti-social. They are constant worriers and the opinions of others are seriously important to them. It hurts them to be thought of badly by anyone, even if they dislike the person. It grieves them to have enemies and so they often allow people to take advantage of them, trying to show the other person just how nice they can be and hoping things will change between them. As we all know, they rarely do, so this just increases the problem tenfold.
 When overactive, this chakra has excessive sexual energy and negativiity. They tend to be explosive personalities by nature and carry many inhibitions deep inside. They will also have frequent indigestion, numerous stomach complaints and be aggressive, manipulative, and self serving. An overactive spleen can cause arrogance and conceit. These people don't make friends easily and are often way too uptight to deal with anyone else's problems except their own. The trouble here though is that many of them won't acknowledge that there is a problem and so it continues on.
 Problems with this chakra may be the cause of diseases of the blood, reproductive organs, kidney, spleen, and those souls bogged down with sexual energy disorders.
Now there is a subject that is often spoken of when this chakra is talk about and the subject is death. Death and sex. Those are the two foremost problems of this universe, when it comes to humans and their energies. So many people fear sex or death or both. The subject of death is generally avoided because it is a subject that frightens and one that has no concrete answers. And when it isn't avoided, then people will criticize the speaker and say, "Don't talk about death!" or "You always talk about death.
 Talk about something else."
 To some, death does not exist. It can not exist in their perfect universe. It's just too scarey. And sex! That's taboo as well by many, even in this day and age. Surprised me, how many still have old hangups or fears about sex. "Don't talk about sex!" Hide it. Control it. Whisper about it. Don't say it out loud! Fear it! Obsess on it! And many will simply go on believing that they will live forever and that all their lustful secrets and desires will forever remain within them, and they may just be right. But if they are, if they carry this around until their deaths, then they will have lead a miserable, unproductive existence, one that was rife with problems. If these problems are ever relieved or balanced then the rest of the centers become no problem. It will most likely balance them also. These things tend to be two of the major problems..
 NOTE: The color of the spleen chakra is orange and is ruled by Mercury. Orange is a great emotional stimulant and can help rid you of your inhibitions.
 It is used to treat lungs, muscle spasms, lack of energy, insufficient lactation, skin problems, repression pancreas, spleen, kidneys, coughs, gallstones, asthma, allergies, yeast infections, hiccups,gas, menstrual cramps, and is also very helpful in easing anxieties and helping you to deal with your emotions.
If treating one of the above symptoms, and using this color, it should be used over the entire body in whatever form you choose, orange light from a covered lamp, orange room and candles and scent etc. This color raises the pulse rate but does not raise the blood pressure so it can be useful when dealing with hypertensive patients. Remember though that if a chakras energy is overactive or over abundant then you will need an alternate color. The image in nature to focus on is moonlight or clear water.
Color: Orange

Effect: stimulant
To Balance this Chakra: Sexual healing may be needed, try new ways of expressing yourself creatively, dance, move your hips, practice yoga. Meditation and visualization can help with all chakras. With this one you can visualize yourself getting rid of old pain and hurt, see yourself fulfilling sexual needs that you have only dreams of, see yourself as a sexual being but not a victim any longer if this has been the problem. You must first become stronger by balancing the other chakras before you can aid this one fully.
Location - Lumbar, Belly, Womb Area
Musical Note: d
Mantra: vam or o as in home
Angel Gabriel
Essential oil ; rose, Jasmine, Bergamot, Cardomon, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood,
Gems - carnelian, auby, citrine, amber, tiger eye, orange calcite coral, orange jasper, fire opal ,fire agate
Healing/Health - Muscles, Reproduction, Detoxifying, Emotional Balance, Sexuality
Gland - Gonads
Organ - Pelvic cavity/area, Reproductive system, Ovaries, Prostate, Testicles. Abdominal area, Spleen, Navel, Digestive system.
Splenic Chakra

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