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Reiki=Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Reiki Questions
 What is Reiki?
Reiki is universal energy that comes to us from an outside source. This source is known by many names and is often referred to as the Universal Maker, God Head, or The Higher Power.

What is universal energy?
“Universal Life Force Energy is the energy that surrounds us all and sustains life! It is the energy from the Universal Maker, God Head, or The Higher Power.
Can the Reiki practitioner be depleted of their own Energy when giving a Reiki Treatment?
No, the Reiki practitioner energy can not be depleted or weakened. This is beacuse when we give a Reiki treatment, we do not use our own energy source. We are taping into the never ending universal energy source.

When receiving Reiki,how should I feel?
Everyone’s experiences will differ. However, commonly, Reiki can bring feelings of love, contentment, health and well-being to the client, because as the Reiki practitioner is channelling this healing energy, you receive the benefits as well!

Is there a need to concentrate in order to receive the Reiki energy?
This is a very interesting question. When a Reiki practitioner’s hands are placed on or near any living organism, the energy will flow freely to where ever it is needed.  Reiki automatically begins to flow. There is no conscious effort needed on your part.
Can Reiki still flow if I fall asleep?
Yes, The Reiki energy will start flowing, even though you are asleep and will also continue to flow for as long as it is needed.
What do I need to learn before Reiki will flow?
There is nothing to learn, the secret key lies in the hands of the Reiki practitioner. 
How can I learn about the history of Reiki energy?
Below is a  brief history of reiki and how it works:
The history ofreiki is slowly unraveling. In time we are finding that it can vary a lot from our initial teachings that were passed down from one reiki master to their student. Therefore we do not place a huge amount of emphasis on the history of reiki other than to say it was rediscoved by DR Mikao Usui.For those who are interested in the history of reiki, as taught to us by our reiki master teachers, we encourage you to please read on. The information, though often found to be inacurate at times, is what many reiki students have been taught and know as the history of Usui Reiki.The Ancient healing method of Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in mid 1880. Dr. Mikao Usui was born around 1860. He was Principal of Doshisha Christian University in Kyoto Japan. It is told that one day, one of his students asked him if he was able to explain how Jesus Christ healed his followers, and questioned Dr Usui about his beliefs and understanding of how Jesus healed people simply by the laying on of his hands. It is said that this question haunted Dr. Usui and he resigned from his position and started his quest to discover how Christ was able to heal others. Usui decided to study Christianity and went to USA, he found the clue that Buddha also performed similar miracles. He came back to Japan and visited many Buddhist monasteries and saw old Sanskrit text. He spent many years in Tibet learning the Sanskrit Language. He came to know some Buddhist symbols. One Monk advised him to go to the holy mountain “Kurayama” which was some 17 miles away from Kyoto. usui did this and once their he meditated for 21 days. it was on the lst day that a very bright light shone down and struck his forehead and with this he was given the symbols now used in reiki healing. It is also said that he also heard a divine voice. Usui felt a runbling of vibrations at the points of the 7 Chakras became aware of n immese increase of energy in the rest of his body, his realisation was that of the “Universal Life Force Energy” that he receivedIt is said then that Dr. Usui ran down the mountain side and on his way down he had an accident and hurt his toe, as started to bleed he put his hand over the injury and after sometime the bleeding and pain subsided. This was Usui’s first encounter with a miracle and the healing power of reiki. After his 21 days on Mt Kurayama where he had been deep in meditation, Usui was suddenly feeling very hungry so he headed for the nearest eating place and ate beyond his capacity. Since Dr. Usui was empowered with the Reiki energy, no side effects were observed. Usui went to the local monastery the following day and discovered a monk suffering from acute arthritic pain he simply placed his hands on the area of pain and the monk was relieved and the pain was gone. On rediscovering the healing Power of “Universal Life Force Energy” some say that Dr. Usui, cured poor people at beggars ally and the beggars home for approximately 7 years free of charge, he found that the beggars had no respect for his efforts or work. Because of this attitude he realised there should be some form of exchange of energy there by releasing the other person from any debt. However many Reiki professionals believe that the concept of receiving an exchange of energy was introduced by Takata after Usui’s Death.Dr. Usui returned to Kyoto where he lit a large flame and stood in the streets telling the passers-by that he was looking for people in search of the true light, people who were ill and who wanted to be healed, this was the beginning of his reiki healing.Dr Usui shared the Reiki healing energy and trained 18 masters before he died in 1930. Dr. Usui is now buried in Kyoto temple with the story of his life written on his gravestone.Dr. Chijiro Hayashi was one of the masters that Dr Usui’s trained. He became the 2nd grandmaster in the Line of Usui Reiki Healing tradition. He opened his own Reiki clinic in Tokyo and established a procedure to give Reiki training and attunement in 3 stages. Dr. Hayashi died on 10th May, 1941.Mrs. Hawayo Takata is credited with bringing the Reiki Healing tradition to the western world. She was born in the year 1900, in Hawaii and when attuned to reiki she was a widow with 2 daughters. It is said that Takata was able to persuade Dr. Hayashi to teach her about the healing energy that Usui had discovered. She also treated many peoples in U.S.A and it was after Dr. Hayashi’s death that Madam Takata became his successor. She trained 20 Masters and died on 11th December 1980. 
I hope this brief explantion helps support your journey, and helps you to understand the changes that Reiki can bring to your life. Documenting your experiences ,can also help understand yourself better and how you respond and embrace the Reiki healing energy.The journey can be very different for each of us, as we are all unique!!
Does Reiki have any religious affiliation?
Reiki is very spiritual in nature, but there is nothing you are required to believe in ,before you have a Reiki session. It is not affiliated to any doctrines or creeds. Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is something that anyone of any background, religion, belief or society can choose to be a part of, if they feel drawn to it. It does not ask you to believe in any particular religious associated beliefs. However, it does ask you to embrace the reiki principles, which are designed to bring peace and harmony to your life and the world around you.
Reiki Principles
Just for Today, do not Worry.
Just for Today, do not Anger.
Just for Today, Earn your living Honestly.
Just for Today, show Gratitude to every living thing.
Just for Today, Honour your parents, teachers and Elders.
What can the client feel when they are having a Reiki treatment?
Every experience can differ. However, you may feel, hot or cold sensations, tingling, warm energy pulses.
The sensation in the hands felt by me can be very different to that felt by you. Sometimes I will experience my hands as being cold and the person being treated has felt them radiating intense heat.
How do you know the energy is flowing?
Reiki, being a spiritual practice by nature , means that often, many of you just “know” the energy is flowing, by the changes and sensations in your body. 
How does the Reiki energy stop from flowing ?
This is a very good question. Reiki energy just flows to where it needs to go, and for as long as it is needed . I have little control over when Reiki will stop flowing. Reiki switches off after a period of time, it has its own mind,  as it is universal energy... it will know when to stop, and for how long to flow for.
Are there different strengths of Reiki energy flow?
The flow of the Reiki ,varies according to the degree of disharmony in the person or animals body/mind. It therefore flows on demand according to need. With regular Reiki sessions, you will become more aware of the energy and how it affects your body, making you feel the flow stronger.
.Can Reiki be used with other therapies?
Yes, it can be combined with other therapies. Reiki is a completely safe modality to use with many other complementary healing arts such as massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, foot and hand reflexology, aromatherapy, chiropractic, colour therapy, homeopathy.
Can the flow of Reiki be affected by the health of the practitioner?The Reiki energy does not come from the physical energy of the body of the practitioner. Therefore, in theory... no the flow of energy can not be affected by the health of the practitioner
Are there any particular hand positions in Reiki?
Yes there are particular hand positions to use in reiki .
When you are doing a healing on a client, how do you know when to move your hands?
When my hands do not have the "charged feeling' or heat, the energy flow subsides or stops all together. I know its time to move on to the next position. I Do not change  positions just because I have had them there for a particular amount of time. I  go with the flow and when it feels right, then it is time to move on.

Can this work on anybody?
Yes any one can benefit from Reiki. All you need is a willingness to accept and receive.
Are there any harmful side effects from Reiki?
There have been no reported cases of harmful side effects from Reiki, but there can be a cleansing period from Reiki treatments. When the body is undergoing a healing process, there can be short-term effects that cause some discomfort. People with a great deal of accumulated stress or emotional blocks can feel tired at first as their bodies start to process the effects of the Reiki.
Can you use Reiki on animals?
Most definately and they will love it! Animals tend to respond faster to Reiki than humans. It is really great to be able to give your pets Reiki as domestic animals tend to take on the stress and emotional traits of their owners. When giving Reiki to your pets or other animals ,it can be most interesting to document the changes in things like their behaviour, any illness they have and their general wellbeing.
Can you give Reiki to plants?
Again most definately! Plants also respond to Reiki very well because they are living energy fields that can also get out of balance and they will respond to the harmonizing effects of the Reiki energy. A wonderful experiment that I tried, was getting two plants that were the same and put them in the same environment.Treating one with Reiki and not the other. I  was able to see the benefits that Reiki provides to plant life and the differences in things such as their growth.
Can you give Reiki to nature?
Trees and Mother earth in general love Reiki. Many Reiki practitioners send Reiki to the planet for a general global healing. The earth and trees both live and breathe and therefore can benefit immensely from Reiki healing to cleanse, balance and heal themselves.
How do you pronounce Namaste and what does Namaste mean?
Namaste is pronounced ~ Namm astay. – It is an ancient and honoured greeting with a number of translations, here are a few to share with you:.
Little White Dove
“I honor the place within you, that is the place of serenity, of peace, of love, and of Gods presence. “I honor the place within you where when you are in that place within you,and I am in that place within me, we are only one’.
 Another one is:
 “The god- goddess in me greets and honors the god-goddess in you”
Sheoak: I believe that the greeting is Sanskrit. It does sound formal, but I think it is meant to be respectful by honouring the highest self of another with your own highest self. At least this is the way that I understand it, but like many Sanskrit words, and as lwd has shown, there are often many ways of expressing this in English, as there is often no literal translation, but rather an understanding of an ideal or intent.
What else can happen in an session?
In a session, you are asked to lay comfortably on table and relax, while I place the symbols into your aura. This open’s up the  Chakras, and allow’s the energy to flow through.
What is the difference between A session done in person to those done by distance?
There is alot of debate in the Reiki world surrounding this question. However , I believe there is no difference in giving a client a healing session by distance, other than the fact, that the client isn’t physically there.  The result is that the transfering of Reiki energy and the symbols work the same way as if you were physically there. Usui was not attuned by a person.
Why are the reiki symbols a secret?
The Reiki symbols are sacred and are only to be shared with those that wish to be a channel for the universal energy. The symbols are used when sending healing to another peron or a situation distantly. Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters have great respect for the symbols and understand they are only to be shared with those that are to be attuned..

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