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Every year about 1 out of 1000 adults are diagnosed as having or passing kidney stones every year.
There are several type of kidney stones and although **** basic kidney **** health is ESSENTIAL for the prevention of all kidney stones, each type has other aspects which need to be considered. 
Some natural healers say that before anyone has ANY SYMPTOMS of kidney problems they can have at LEAST 60% KIDNEY DAMAGE, so it's very important to strive to keep them healthy.
Most people have been told that it is important to drink 8-10 glasses of good water a day.
 Urine should be 96% or better of water in order to flush all the sediment out of the kidneys.
It is almost impossible to get good water today. Experts suggest that people only drink water purified by a reverse osmosis system. Even Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water needs to be kept refrigerated.
Many people are buying bottled water. When water is stagnant it breeds bacteria unless it is distilled or chemically treated.
Chemicals used to purify the water are linked with kidney disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and more.
Distilled water is unstable molecularly. The process of distilling encourages Hydrogens to share an oxygen molecule
It is still called H2O or Water, but everything in nature tries to stabilize itself including distilled water. As the unstable water passes through the urinary system, especially the kidneys it will draw out oxygen which, with prolong use, can weaken the kidneys. I don't believe that anything not found in that state in nature be considered totally safe.
Which is healthier for you, R.O. water or Distilled?
 R.O. water side= has skin which was healthy and vibran
Distilled water side= has skin which doesn't have the same glow. .
A high quality spring water, should be a good source as well. Water drawn from pure springs not refrigerated will breed bacteria no matter how sterile looking the bottle. Some people say "The top of the water cooler isn't refrigerated but as it comes out it passes a cooling system." What they are drinking then is cold bacteria. If you had piece of meat out for days or weeks could you make it safe by refrigerating it right before you eat it?
Many a public water system has been laced with fluoride to strengthen our teeth. This Fluoride can alter the brain function and can destroy your kidneys. You can buy a new set of teeth much easier than going through a kidney transplant.
Another important aspect in keeping healthy kidneys is to keep all of the other eliminating systems functioning properly.
The 2.4 million nephrons inside the kidney filter the blood.
If the bowel, liver, or the skin is not functioning properly the blood will be more toxic and will cause more acid than the kidneys are designed to handle. Many with gout will attest to this fact.
Probably what causes the most abuse to the kidneys are:
COFFEE, TEA AND SODA. Some people think that it's the caffeine in these drinks that is hard on the kidneys and joints. Caffeine is not good for you, but it is the tannic acid that damages the kidneys. Another real offender is artificial colored sugar water. Carbonation is also very hard on the kidneys.
Do drink good water, juices and herbal teas.
Although a pH imbalance can cause stones, the vast majority of these stones (80%) contain Calcium.
To understanding safe and unsafe sources of calcium you might want to read the following Milk, Organic Vs. Inorganic.
Organic Vs Inorganic Minerals
Mineral are needed for every bodily function. The body needs and uses over 70 different minerals.
There are two kinds of minerals. One is organic and the other inorganic. The body does not treat both as the same.
An example of this is arsenic. Arsenic in the chemical, metal or inorganic state can be a lethal poison, however, it is also found in celery and asparagus.
Another example of this is Iron. The prescription iron is more than likely ferric (iron) acid. They make ferric acid by taking a piece of iron and pouring acid over it. When it rusts they scrape it off and put it into a pill and call it an iron supplement.
This inorganic iron will cause the stole to darken, can be poisonous and usually the more you take the more constipated you become.
Organic iron, however, in raisins and prunes does not usually darken the stole. In fact, the more you take usually the looser the bowel movement.
Lets examine these types of minerals separately.
Inorganic minerals never lived and are elements that cannot bring life into our cells. They have an covalent bond which the body cannot break down. They are metals and the body treats them more as toxins than as nutrients.
Organic minerals once were or are now living and can bring life to and be utilized by cells. They have an ionic bond which the body can break down into usable material for tissue repair and function. It is made of a plant (which draws the inorganic mineral from the soil by way of the roots and converts them into organic minerals), or living organism and the body uses it as food.
There is also the spin of the electron (organic mineral's electrons spin clockwise as do the cells of the human body. Inorganic mineral's electrons spin counterclockwise.)
The vibratory rate of organic minerals is comparable to tissue and cells. Inorganic minerals are not.
For example, someone with an extreme amount of calcium deposits in their joints.
Hands are morbidly deformed,can no longer write or even open a microwave door. Given high levels of organic calcium, which displaced the inorganic.  Hand can improved significantly and you are  able to do most normal activities.
Most if not all prescription and OTC (over the counter) minerals (including some so called natural) are inorganic. When choosing your mineral make sure it is of a plant source.
If the body is lacking magnesium it can not utilize calcium and it can end up as bone spurs or kidney stones.
What is a Bone Spur?
It is a deposit of calcium. Bone spurs are the most common, although you can get deposits in joints (which can push the bone out of the socket such as hammer toes) spine or on the end of a bone. It is often sharp and when outside pressure is added on the surrounding soft tissue or nerves, produces a consider amount to severe amount of pain.
Calcium supplements which do not have a 1:2 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium shouldn't be taken by anyone. Ratio of 1:1 Calcium to Magnesium should be taken by those over 30. ***
Remember all calcium/magnesium can raise your blood pressure if you have a potassium deficiency, you may have to add potassium***
A Good calcium supplement will also contain Vitamin D.
Other stones are made up of or contain uric acid. People who have poor digestion can develop these stones after consuming Turkey, Beer, Red meat, Mushrooms, Beans (except Green beans) and Simple Carbs. (Uric acid can also cause Gout and arthritis).
Jumpier berries, Safflowers, Black Cherries and Black Cherry juice can be beneficial in lowering Uric acid..
Some develop stones with oxalic acid. Foods which produce this acid are: alcohol, asparagus, beets, caffeine, chocolate, coffee, nuts, spinach and tea.
Watermelon is helpful in cutting down on oxalic acid.
The kidney can also develop Cystine stones. Often a genetic origin, which can be helped by limiting the ingestion of proteins, meats, milks and foods containing l-cystine an amino acid which often in body building protein drinks.
Fresh squeezed Lemon juice, plenty of water and hydrangea has been reported to help dissolve kidney stones.
If you have chronic kidney stones you might also want to work with your parathyroid or at least get it checked.
If you are unlucky enough to be one of the 1 in 1000 to have a kidney stone this year, make sure that you are told what the stone was made of so you can avoid what causes it, hence cutting down the the probability of ever developing another.

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