Aqua Aura & Titanium quartz


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Aqua Aura & Titanium quartz

Aqua Aura & Titanium  quartz"The name Aqua Aura Quartz derives from the rich aquamarine color and the fact that the blue is an outer sheath, like an energetic aura.

AQUA AURA QUARTZ can assist one in plumbing one's emotional depths and heights while retaining inner peace. It can also be an aid to those who wish to become conscious channels for spiritual wisdom, clearing and opening the pathways of inter dimensional communication.

.Aqua Aura Quartz has a very high and intense vibration. It has been used to activate the energy of other minerals and gemstones for healing work, and can be a potent stone when used in body layouts for activation of the Chakras. It can be success fully applied to smooth and heal the Auric field, and to release negativity from one's emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies. Wearing Aqua Aura is said to help one to shine with one's inner beauty, to attract wealth and success, to bring forth esoteric wisdom, to relieve depression & anxiety, and to assist in creating an aura of peace & well being in oneself and one's surroundings. It is a stone of spiritual elevation, which can serve to help raise the vibration of humanity.

Aqua Aura Quartz combines harmoniously with Amethyst. Moldavite, Oregon Opal. Golden Labradorite, Rainbow Labradorite, Danburite, Larimar, Charoite, Lapis, Seraphinite, Chrysoprase, Rhodochrosite, Citrine, Iolite, Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) and tanzanite.

"From Love is Is The Earth" by Melody Aqua Aura quartz are clear/cloudy crystals which have bee enhanced with pure gold; the molecules of pure gold adhere to the natural electric charge which surrounds the quartz crystal, and are not removed by rubbing or by scraping. These crystal combine both the properties of quartz and the properties of gold to produce a very intense energy.... stimulates the throat chakra and encourages "opening to channel"..ha been sued to activate other minerals for healing...has been used to cleanse and to sooth the aura.... 

                                                                        Imperial Gold Aura Metaphysical Meaning:" Imperial Gold Quartz provides the perfect link between the solar plexus and heart chakras, making for a blend of their highest traits." Siberian Gold Aura is highly programmable, so it can amplify one's intention in any area, especially those inspired by love and compassion. 
Imperial Gold aura imparts an energy of sovereignty, granting one dominion' over the realm of one's life enhancing one's powers of conscious co=creation with the diving. It supports the flow of abundance into one's life. Transforms negative energies to positive forces and brings focus to the user toward recovery, toward rejuvenation, and reclamation for the true self. This has been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with the spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels. It provides a powerful healing energy. It stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels. This can help to purify ones body and ones surroundings. It provides contact with the "fairy kingdom" of this world. It supports all benevolent wishes and helps them to manifest. 

Tanzine Aura Metaphysical Meaning: Similar to aqua aura but carries more violet ray. Infused with gold and Indium. This stimulates the throat, the third-eye, and the crown chakras. It brings together all aspects of both communications and psychic power, allowing the user to adequately communicate visions. It can be used to stimulate the crown chakra to produce visions of the higher spiritual realms. The energy acts as a spiraling force, reaching to invite protection and safety during all activities. It is a "stone of magic", and aids in manifestation. It also facilitates communications with the spiritual world. It also facilitates encounters with other-worldly beings and provides for receiving information of the universal mysteries and akashic records. Perfect for balancing the chakras and may be used as a grounding crystal. One of the most powerful materials for the development of one's latent psychic abilities and the enhancement of one's conscious connection to Spirit. It is an incredibly potent aid for intuitive, medium, shamans, readers and healers. It stimulates the third eye and crown chakras. 

Angel Aura Metaphysical Meaning: This can used to balance the centers and meridians of the physical body to provide alignment of the physical body to the etheric body, to align the subtle bodies and provide the polarity adjustments which are necessary within the physical body for optimum health. It can also provide permanence to relationships. It can be used to strengthen the memory and is a "stone of happy dreams and changes". This has been used to awaken both the psychic and mystical qualities. It helps one to understand the higher powers of intuition and mysticism and utilize these powers to enhance personal understanding in realms of the sacred. It can also be used to encourage flashes of intuition and insight. It assists in the alignment between the spiritual self and the psychic and astral planes. It is used to invoke visions, and vision quests. It has also been used to provide a connection to the stars, facilitating communications between the Earth plane and the "star people" of this world and other worlds and spirit guides. It tends to provide a grounding action while enhancing the transfer of information. It is an excellent stone for cleansing and brightening the aura and stimulate healing. 

Ruby Aura Metaphysical Meaning: Ruby Aura helps to maintain psychic energies. It can assist in purifying and correcting disoriented, trapped energy and disallows the accumulation of negative energy vibrations. It is an excellent stone for releasing blockages and arrest leakages of energy from the chakras and to transmute negative energy away from the aura. It provides a psychic medium with magnified protective energy. It promotes dreaming and stimulates the connection with , and transmission of information from ones spiritual guides. It assists in increasing perception and helps to regulate the emotional and the intuitive energies. It has been used to assist one in attaining and maintaining contact with he spiritual worlds and to incite healing on all levels.

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hawaii island retreat on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 12:00 PM
Oh my!!! You are just too true to be good. How do you manage to write and research on such wonderful things? You have inspired me to work harder now///////////
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