Compulsive Nail Biting?


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Compulsive Nail Biting?

Compulsive Nail Biting?
 Nail-biting is fairly common, but for some it is more than just a bad habit.
It can become quite serious, as people who suffer from compulsive nail-biting may experience bleeding, bruises, infections, or even permanent damage to the fingers.
The behavior is often unconscious, and people with this compulsion may have difficulty stopping because they may be unaware of their actions.
There are a lot of nervous habits out there, but nail biting is, by far, the most common. It is a hard habit to break.
Nail-biting may lead to shame and anxiety, which can result in more of the behavior.
Nail biting can be a sign of deeper emotional issues in some people such as extended stress, or prolonged anxiety.

About 50% of all kids between the ages of 10 and 18 bite on their nails. That is a lot of kids, either way you look at it!
Not only that, about 23% of kids that are between ages 18 to 22 bite on their nails as well.
The good news is that most people stop biting their nails as they grow older. In fact, only about 10% of adults bite their nails.
Boys tend to bite their nails a lot more often after the age of ten,and  girls before the age of ten. 
Why nail-biters continue their behaviors, and it can be more that just a matter of will-power.
  • Self-Soothing: When stressed, many people feel a need for self-soothing and find they feel better when they bite their nails. It has a sort of calming effect on their nervous systems and reduces levels of stimulation.
  • Stimulation: On the other hand, when people are bored or inactive, nail-biting may provide a needed level of stimulation for the nervous system. It may help keep a person alert or awake when they would otherwise become bored or distracted.  
Dental problems can also come about from too much nail biting, and increases your risk of infection and nail fungus .
That is because your skin becomes torn, and infections have a way into your body.
Long term fingernail biting can cause deformed looking nails.
At Vibrational Light & Energy, Bayday can re-train the brain not to do that.
Reiki can help in returning the bodies system to their natural state of balance,thus releasing the old pattern of nail biting.The goal is to consciously create new learned, non-destructive behaviors.
Nail-biting can become a major focus of life and can interfere with relationships, work, and general happiness. Not recognizing the problem as a real disorder, many do not seek treatment.
For most people, nail biting is not something that you go to the doctor for.
 People with compulsive nail-biting may feel crazy and out of control, but not know what to do or where to go for help.... Fortunately, nail-biting responds fairly well to Reiki Treatment.

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