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Health & Medical G-K

Remote Sessions for ALL Animals

Remote Healing Session for "ALL  ANIMALS"

Sessions start at a scheduled time and last a total of 60 minutes.

Nearly all of Bayday's healing work with animals is done using Distance Energy Healing, connecting with your animal companion’s energetic, or spirit body.

You will not be on the phone during your animal’s session. An email will be sent within 24 hours after session, with information on Healing session.

Before the appointment begins, try to create a quiet space for your animal companion to be relaxed and comfortable.

An energetic connection will start and sets the intention that this session is in your animal’s highest good. Using a variety of transpersonal and energetic approaches, Bayday connects with your animal companion’s spirit body and uses Energy Healing to help them release areas where there may be stuck or dense energy.These areas are what cause physical, emotional, behavioral and spiritual issues. 
Energy Healing gets these congested areas moving again, bringing balance back to the body. Symptoms are usually relieved or disappear completely. Chronic conditions may require more frequent sessions in the beginning, then decreasing frequency as symptoms improve.

 At other times, energy healing gives an animal comfort in their final days and helps with their transitioning process.


 Emergencies... As much as we do not like to think about it, emergencies do happen. Bayday is available 24/7 in such cases. No extra fee.

 Energy Healing.. is helpful for healing conditions that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Benefits may include:
  • Heal from past abuse, neglect
  • Enhanced energy and vitality
  • Release energies of overwhelm, fear, anxiety, depression
  • Physical & emotional health
  • Release old patterns 
  • Relaxation and improved sleep
  • Balanced chakras
  • End of life

 As a gentle and non-invasive healing method, these energies do not interfere with medical treatments. Instead they enhance these treatments, promoting faster recovery time and reducing or eliminating the need for medications.

What are Healing Reactions?
Occasionally after a session, your pet may experience a healing reaction. In the process of healing, toxins are released from the body causing symptoms that may feel similar to the old condition or emotional issue, but in a diminished form. This is temporary and usually only lasts a couple of days.The old condition is moving and healing is occurring.

 The words and images received, are spontaneous and specific to the healing session, not actual conversations with your animal companion. 

Contact Bayday to set up an appointment. 24/7
Click on distant healings on web-site, Please specify day and time you need session.


Enzymes at Work -and how Intuitive Healing can help

How Do Enzymes Work and how Intuitive Healing can help

Enzymes are proteins that allow certain chemical reactions to take place much quicker than the reactions would occur on their own. Enzymes function ascatalysts, which means that they speed up
the rate at which metabolic processes and reactions occur in living organisms.

Usually, the processes or reactions are part of a cycle or pathway, with separate reactions at each step. Each step of a pathway or cycle usually requires a specific enzyme. Without the specific enzyme to catalyze a reaction, the cycle or pathway cannot be completed.The result of an uncompleted cycle or pathway is the lack of a product of that cycle or pathway. And, without a needed product, a function cannot be performed, which negatively affects the organism.

Catalysts and activation energy Reactions are not impossible without enzymes. Enzymes do not change during reactions, nor do they change the other contents of the reaction. They just speed up the rate at which all parts of the reaction react. In a chemical reaction, the reaction is said to be completed when equilibrium is reached.

Chemical reactions have forward directions and backward directions, and reactions tend to move in both directions until no more products are created from the reactants, and products are no longer converted back into reactants.

That is the point of equilibrium.
The equilibrium constant is written as: Reactions will occur with the free energy available in the system (system is referring to the area where the reaction is occurring). There is always some energy in the system before a reaction begins, and this free energy is called G.

The amount of change in the free energy of a reaction is labeled ΔG (the Greek letter delta, Δ, is used to represent change).

Exergonic reactions 
Give off energy, so they represent a negative change in free energy (-Δ G) — that is, the free energy is given off, so there is a “loss” of free energy. In actuality, the energy is just transferred. Exergonic reactions will continue until equilibrium is reached, because they yield energy.

Endergonic reactions absorb energy into the system, so the free energy in the system increases (+Δ G). This increase appears to be a “gain” in energy, when really it is just another energy transfer. Endergonic reactions kind of quit while they are ahead. Because endergonic reactions take in energy, the reactions peter out so that less energy is taken in. They usually do not reach equilibrium.

There are two theories as to how reactions occur:

In the Collision Theory

It is thought that reactions occur because molecules collide; the faster they collide, the faster the reaction occurs. The energy level that must be reached for the molecules to collide is called the activation energy. The activation energy is affected by heat, because a higher temperature increases the energy of each molecule.

In the Transition State Theory
Reactants are thought to form bonds and then break bonds until they form products. As this forming and breaking happens, free energy increases until it reaches a transition state (also called activated complex), which is viewed as the midpoint between reactants and products. Reactions proceed faster if there is a higher concentration of activated complex. If the free energy of activation is high, the transition state is low, and the reaction is slow.

The reaction rate is proportional to the concentration of the activated complex.
If the activation energy is lower, the reaction occurs faster because more activated complexes can form.

In living organisms

The reactions that need to occur have high activation energies. So, to get reactions to occur, either the temperature must be increased, or the activation energy must be decreased. But the internal temperature of a living thing cannot be raised too high like chemicals in a laboratory can be. Instead, living organisms rely on enzymes to lower the activation energies so that reactions can occur quickly.

Without enzymes, toxic chemicals could build up in the body to dangerous levels, or the energy-producing Krebs cycle would not be able to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the main fuel of the body produced from food that is eaten and digested.

Cofactors and coenzymes: Coexisting with enzymes

Enzymes are made mostly of proteins, but they also have some nonprotein components. When these nonprotein components must be included in order for the enzyme to act as a catalyst, then the nonprotein component is called acofactor.

Examples of cofactors are;


 Zinc Ions
coenzyme is a type of cofactor.

 Coenzymes are small molecules that can separate from the protein component of the enzyme and react directly in the catalytic reaction. An important function of coenzymes is that they transfer electrons, atoms, or molecules from one enzyme to another.


 are closely connected to coenzymes. The function of vitamins is that they help to make coenzymes.


which is one of the B vitamins, helps to make nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which is one of the coenzymes that carries electrons from Krebs cycle through the electron transport chain to produce ATP. Without NAD, very little ATP would be produced, and the organism would be low in energy.

So, with all that said, now onto, "How Reiki Intuitive Healing", can change/help  with the process, energetically.

Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the “human energy field” or “aura” which permeates and surrounds the body. Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing, self-changing capacity of the body.
There is a kind of revival of ancient understandings about energy healing in the light of modern science. “Laying on of hands”, which appeared in many times and cultures, is being rediscovered and formulated into healing techniques which are accessible to people in the present time. There are also more and more people who are spontaneously becoming aware of healing “gifts”.


Since everything is energy, all healing ultimately involves energy. Most healing methods are focused on the physical, mental and emotional levels of life, without recognition of the deeper underlying energy. Energy healing works purely with the energetic level of our being.

 Since everything is made up of patterns of energy, working directly with energy influences the physical, mental and emotional, as well as the spiritual level. Energy healing is thus by nature “holistic”.

If there is an illness or disturbance in the body, mind or emotions, we certainly want to address those levels. Energy healing, however, complements and supports other methods of healing, because it addresses the energy of which the body, mind and emotions are composed.


Just as we have a physical anatomy, we have also have an “energy anatomy”. The human energy field or “aura” surrounds and permeates the physical body.
The physical body could be thought of as the most dense expression of the energy, and as only one of a number of bodies which comprise our energy anatomy

We also have “subtle bodies”, which are sometimes referred to as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

There are a variety of descriptions and images of the energy field from both ancient and modern sources. There are variations in these models, but many describe the aura as being in layers. Many, though not all, emphasize the importance of the chakras which are energy centers where important exchanges of energy take place.
 Energy healing effects change by positively influencing the energy field.

Energy healing is part of the larger field of “Energy Medicine”.
 Use of herbs, crystals or sound are examples of energy medicine in that they contain “vibratory patterns” which influence the energetic patterns at work in the physiology.

 Energy healing is a unique part of energy medicine in that it involves the conscious use of the energy field of the healer to affect the energy field of the “healee”.

 BAYDAY ,may employ crystals or other tools, but more often it is simply the interaction of healer and healee on an energetic level which directs the work. 

Again, this work can be done remotely, anywhere, anytime in the world... or simply schedule an office visit.



Healing the Chakras-with Bayday

Healing the Chakras-with Bayday
             Using Energy Healing on your Energy Body.

When it comes to energy healing, healing the chakras is the focus, more often than not. 

Your body circulates energy. Much as it circulates blood, lymph, and air, your body also circulates energy (or "prana". The pathways that the energy takes are called meridians (or "nadis"). 
Junctions of these meridians are referred to as "chakras".

There are MANY  of them, throughout the subtle bodies, I don't believe anyone knows the actual number of chakras, as new ones come into place during shifts. During a session with Bayday, all chakras can be re-programmed, re-stored and upgraded. These specific tones and frequencies are brought thru with god-source love, into your energy body.  

The Major Chakras
 More has been written on the chakras than can be contained in most libraries. 

List of the major chakras:
Starting at the top, we have the crown chakra

 Located about where an infant has his or her soft spot, this represents connection to the Divine.

Next down, we have the brow chakra or third eye chakra.

 This one relates to mentality, perception, and the pituitary gland. It connects to one of three storage areas for energy.

Then we have the throat chakra.

 Although thought in the West to be about communication and self-expression, this chakra has much to do with physical health as well.

In the middle we have the heart chakra.

This is the keystone, in many ways. It is where the raw physicality from below meets the sublime spiritual from above. Here we find another energy storage area.

The next one down is the solar plexus chakra.

This one deals with emotions, especially feelings of control. If you feel blown about by the winds of fate, and it hurts, this is where it hurts. You can actually see it in people's posture, if you pay attention.

Next we have the sacral chakra.

 Located about where the uterus is (or would be), this chakra deals with day-to-day survival. Money, sex, creativity, these things which live just above raw survival dwell here.

And last we have the root chakra.

 This one is purely about survival. It is physicality. Safety and security, instinct, all the things that we need when we wear bodies.

Now that we've touched on the major chakras themselves, we can turn to see how healing the chakras works, through energy healing.

REIKI is optimal for chakra opening. It gets the chakras to "burn clear" and get rid of the psychic gunk that causes blocks.
Chakra tones, chakra colors , chakra balancing... all come through Bayday, from the purist source of power and love from which energy works.

Understanding Chakras= What are Chakras and how do they work with Reiki?
The word chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “vortex.”

Chakras are part of the human energy system. There are seven main chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These chakras are said to resemble a funnel that becomes wider as it gets farther away from the body. Each chakra vibrates to a specific tone and color.

A healthy balanced chakra will spin in an even circular motion. A highly functioning chakra is presented as feeling whole, content, vitalized and healthy in our bodies. Conversely, a weakened, unbalanced chakra will present in the body as a lack of energy, restlessness, depression and feeling disconnected or “out of sorts.”

Our chakras are affected by our daily life. For example, a positive experience such as a warm hug from a loved one will affect the state of chakras positively. In this case, perhaps the heart and sacral chakras will be filled with beneficial energy and spin evenly, causing the person to feel love or happiness as a result of the hug.

The same can be said for negative experiences. Depending on the experience, one or more of the chakras can be disrupted and cause a feeling of dis-ease or unpleasantness in the body.

The seven main chakras correspond to the endocrine glandular system of the human body.  Our endocrine system is responsible for regulating hormones in the body. The hormones that are produced contribute to our overall health and well being.

Some of the most vital processes in our bodies are controlled by our hormone regulations. For example, the way we age, our growth, reproductive systems, metabolism, stress reactions and our ability to heal are all connected with the hormones secreted by the endocrine system.

The chakras align with the seven main endocrine glands. During a Reiki treatment the physical body (endocrine glands) and the energetic body (the chakras) are filled with Chi or life force energy to create balance.

Are you working too hard? either temporarily or as a life-style? Does life feel like a grind? Have you lost your ability to feel joy, to play, to be creative? Perhaps you feel numb, or your mate complains that you never express your feelings. Maybe you've been feeling low-energy or unhappy with your life.

If any of this sounds like you, it might help to have energy healing to clear and balance your chakra

Chakras...the key to life energy and emotions.
Called svadhisthana in Sankrit, it gives us the life energy for creation, recreation, and procreation.
Clearing, balancing, and opening your chakras can help you regain your natural, normal state of balance. It'll get your life juices and creative juices flowing, and who wouldn't want that!

 Give them a "tune-up." Come on in for a session or just relax at home, with a distant session!


Why balance Your Chakras?
It's very common to have one or more chakras that is blocked or out of balance to some degree. This can cause disruptions in a person’s body, mind, spirit, and life. These disruptions can range from a sense of unwellness and unease, to more serious problems--actual dis-ease in one's body or dysfunction in one's life. 


Start your Healing Journey the holistic way and recieve 1/2 off session

Start your Healing Journey the holistic way and recieve  1/2 off your second session.
offer Good thru Feb .2015
 * new client special offer*

Do you want to feel better and not so broken?

Have an ongoing medical condition?
Need support in your health care?
Are you healthy, but not sleeping well?
Adding unwanted pounds?

Would you like to feel more engaged, more in control of your life and your health?

Do you sometimes feel isolated?

Feel fear or hopelessness to address the challenges of your life?

Do you want to develop your inner spiritual connection, on your own terms?

Reiki through Bayday can help!

 Reiki therapy is balancing at every level, it can help anyone, anytime, anywhere.

 If you are tired, you’ll feel refreshed.
 If you are anxious, you’ll feel serene.
 If you are distressed, you’ll feel comforted.
 Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll discover a renewed clarity and purpose.


These changes come with physical changes associated with deep relaxation, such as a slower heart rate and easier breathing.

The first session usually brings improvement, and the benefits grow with repeated sessions.

In emergencies or during intensive care, distant healing patients often show benefit within a few minutes.

Reiki supports your health care.
Reiki healing is safe, and cannot interfere with any medical care you are receiving.
Patients in the O.R. during surgery, OR after, benefit highly from this distant energy care.

Loved ones in the infusion suite as they receive chemotherapy.

Are you taking prescription medications?
Reiki energy is safe, and the improvement you experience might mean you need less or no medication. That’s a good thing, but please don’t adjust your meds on your own. Always consult your physician before making changes in your medications.

Prepared your journey now, for your life to be full of joy, peace and deep and abiding happiness. Make Reiki a part of your life for as long as you live.

 I have worked with people of all ages and levels of health, people from a range of backgrounds. Many of my clients are happy and healthy, and smart enough to do what they can to stay that way. Others want to develop themselves spiritually and discover greater meaning in life.


And  many have sought Reiki sessions realizing that balancing their body and subtle bodies systems, can help them to cope better with a wide range of  health conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Infertility
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Autism/developmental delays
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Emotional illness, including mild psychosis
  • Fatigue syndromes
  • End-of-life care and bereavement


Possible benefits with Reiki energy healing:

  • Relaxation
  • Pain management
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced well-being
  • Stronger self-esteem
  • Support for substance abuse recovery
  • Accelerated surgical recovery
  • Reduced side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and Rx meds
  • Greater self awareness
  • Greater ease and satisfaction in relationship
  • Heightened intuition

When you receive Reiki healing, in person, you’ll lie fully clothed on a treatment table while Bayday,the Reiki Master ,places hands lightly on or just above your head and torso.

Distant Reiki session, can be sent to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Book an appointment now......

, and enjoy the savings!

Bone and Joint Pain

 Homeopathy for Joint Pain and Stiffness
 Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pain & Stiffness
 Arnica Montana you would be close... the number one homeopathic remedy for pain, "muscle soreness" and "over-exertion". 
 Ruta grav, more closely aligned with joint "injuries".  
 Rhus Tox
Stiff joints, backs and sciatic pains.
 Other inflammations include:
  • Blistering itchy rashes
  •  Eye inflammations
  •  Cold sores
  •  Raw sore throats
  •  Colds
  •  Restlessness
  •  Headaches
  • Hives
  •  Nervous fatigue 

   Rhus Tox is one of the best homeopathic remedies for easing stiff joints with tearing pains, swelling, redness, sprains, etc.. It earned the title “Rusty Gate Remedy” by relieving joint and back pains that hurt on initial movement but improve after limbering up– just like an old gate that squeaks at first but quiets down after a bit. Also like the rusty gate, these joints do not like cold damp weather– they can be great storm predictors. For back relief, Rhus specializes in strain or injury, stiff necks, lower back pain, lumbago, even sciatica, especially if they feel better lying on a hard surface, walking or bending backwards. Similar joint pain shows up in Rhus’ flu or fever along with a dry swollen throat, hoarseness, chills and much weariness and fatigue.
For skin,   Rhus Tox soothes itching, blistering rashes and red patches whether due to poison ivy, other irritants or hives, especially if symptoms worsen with getting wet or cold. Certain cases of shingles have found much relief in this remedy as well. Rhus' anti-inflammatory powers extend to soothing eye inflammation, swollen eyelids and cold sores, as well as facial swelling and heavy, painful-to-touch occipital headaches.
Pains, irritations, stresses, extreme restlessness, anxious nerve, can find additional relief in  Rhus Tox.

 Other symptoms and charachteristics that indicate Rhus include: a desire for fresh, but not cold, air, a worsening of symptoms at night, a frequent desire to stretch and sleep disturbed by dreams of exertion. It applies best to chilly individuals very sensitive to cold conditions. All its symptoms are better with heat, hot bathing and dry weather, and worse at night and with damp cold.

Rhus toxicodendron (poison oak)
 Poison ivy remedy ...can relieve skin rashes, joint pain, various inflammatory symptoms, headaches, cold symptoms, back relief,  strain or injury, stiff necks, lower back pain, lumbago, and sciatica.


Erectile Dysfunction and Reiki Treatments

    Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects as many as 30 million men in the United States (18 million men over the age of 20), 75 percent of which do not seek treatment

    Reiki treatments can help with the underlying issues.

    I get it, guys... you’re embarrassed and don’t feel comfortable addressing the issue with your doctor, let alone your partner. But you need to know treatment is available. And I'm not talking about the little blue pill. Viagra and similar medication won’t cure ED if the underlying cause isn’t treated first. This is where Reiki comes in.

    Chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, are some leading causes of erectile dysfunction.

    Some lesser known are:
    Vitamin D deficiency: a risk factor for heart attacks, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes.

    Apart from soaking up a safe amount of sun....

    Vitamin D is better sourced from food than supplements such as:

    Fortified milk
    Fortified cerea
    Small servings of pork and beef
    Ricotta cheese.

    Your Work ...Environments prone to depression and anxiety, like health care workers, firefighters, and police officers, etc., Are more likely to cope by smoking, drinking, and taking antidepressants — each a risk for ED.
    Anxiety and depression are the leading "psychological causes" for dysfunction.
    Erections require the nervous system to trigger them, and if the system is depressed or distracted, then it won't happen.

    You Watch Too Much Porn
    Excessive pornography is associated with lower self-esteem, poorer relationship quality, and lower sexual satisfaction.

    You Don’t Floss
    More than 15% of men with ED also suffer from periodontitis — a severe form of gum disease. A chronic inflammatory condition. 

    Biking.... The hard, narrow seat of a bike can desensitize and damage the nerves and blood vessels in your pelvic floor. Men who frequently go bicycling, and even horseback riding are at an increased risk for this kind of damage. The damaged blood vessels are what contribute to ED.

    You Snore Way Too Much...
    Untreated sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, memory problems, weight gain, impotence, and headaches.
      18 million Americans are affected by sleep apnea, 63 percent experience relationship problems (including but not limited to ED), 69 percent experience reduced sexual desire, and 46 percent experience reduced arousal. The good news: sleep apnea, thus ED, can be treated.  Again...This is where Reiki Treatment can help.

    You Have A Big Neck...
    Men with larger necks are at an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. “Larger neck circumference is also associated with sleep apnea, which is itself associated with low desire.” The bottom line: The cause for your ED may not be what you think. ED is often believed to be a warning sign of other serious health conditions. Don’t let embarrassment keep you from an overall satisfying life.

    What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

    Is when you cannot get or keep an erection firm enough to have sex.

    • Can get an erection sometimes, though not every time

    • Can get an erection, yet it does not last long enough for sex

    • Are unable to get an erection at all

    ED is sometimes called impotence

    How does an erection occur?
    An erection occurs when blood flow into the penis increases, making the penis larger and firmer. Hormones, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles all work together to cause an erection. When your brain senses a sexual urge, it starts an erection by sending nerve signals to the penis. Touch may cause this urge. Other triggers may be things you see or hear, or sexual images or thoughts.

    When your brain senses a sexual urge,
    It starts an erection by sending nerve signals to the penis. The nerve signals cause the muscles in the penis to relax and let blood flow into the spongy tissue in the penis. Blood collects in this tissue like water filling a sponge. The penis becomes larger and firmer, like a blown-up balloon. The veins then shut off to keep blood from flowing out. An erection requires healthy blood vessels. After orgasm or when the man is no longer aroused, the veins open up and blood flows back into the body.

    What causes erectile dysfunction?
    Erectile dysfunction often has more than one cause. Many diseases can damage nerves, arteries, and muscles. Some can lead to ED, such as:
    • High blood pressure
    • Diabetes, when your blood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high
    • Clogged arteries
    • Heart and blood vessel disease
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that attacks the nerves
    • Treatments for prostate cancer, including  radiation, surgery to remove the prostate, and hormone treatments
    • Injury to the penis, spinal cord, prostate, bladder, or pelvis
    • Surgery for bladder cancer
    • Peyronie’s disease, in which scar tissue, called a plaque, forms in the penis

    Mental health problems such as the following can also cause or worsen ED:
    • Depression
    • Fear of sexual failure
    • Guilt
    • Low self-esteem
    • Stress
    • Worry

    Even when ED has a physical cause, mental health problems can make ED worse.
      For example, a physical problem may slow your sexual arousal, which may make you more nervous and worsen your ED. In addition, ED can be a side effect of many common medicines.

    A small number of ED cases result from low testosterone, a male hormone.

    Who gets erectile dysfunction?
    Erectile dysfunction affects men of all races and in all parts of the world. Men are more likely to have ED as they get older. For example, ED occurs in
    • About 12 percent of men younger than 60
    • 22 percent of men age 60 to 69
    • 30 percent of men age 70 or older

    See Your Doctor if You Have Erectile Dysfunction, as Erectile Dysfunction Could Mean You Have a More Serious Condition

    If you have problems getting or keeping an erection, and the problems last for more than a few weeks, you should talk with your Doctor/Urologista doctor who specializes in sexual and urinary problems.  Don’t be shy about seeking help. Your doctor treats medical problems every day.

    How does my doctor find the cause of my erectile dysfunction?
    To find the cause of your ED, your doctor may
    • take your medical and sexual history
    • ask you questions about your mental health
    • give you a physical exam
    • test your blood ..Blood Tests.. can show possible causes of ED, such as diabetes, clogged blood vessels, or chronic kidney disease. Low levels of testosterone in your blood can explain why you may have lost interest in sex
    • give you a nighttime erection test
    • perform an injection test
    • perform a Doppler penile ultrasound

  • Changing medicines you take to treat other health problems. Talk with your doctor about all the medicines you are taking, including over-the-counter medicines. The doctor may find that a medicine you are taking is causing your ED. 

  • Counseling. Counseling can help couples deal with the emotional effects of ED. Some couples find that counseling adds to the medical treatment by making their relationship stronger.

  • Surgery to repair blood vessels. Doctors treat some cases of ED with surgery to repair the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. This type of surgery is more likely to work in men younger than 30.

  • How can I prevent erectile dysfunction?

    Quit smoking

    More  physical activity .

    Eating, Diet, and Nutrition: whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy foods, and lean meats.
    A diet that causes you to be overweight and have heart and blood vessel disease can also lead to ED.
    You should avoid foods high in fat and sodium, the main part of salt.


    You should also avoid drinking too much alcohol, or using illegal drugs.

    Homeopathy medicines for Erectile Dysfunction
    These are some among the many homeopathic remedies which cater to relieve ED specifically.
    Agnus castus: This remedy may be helpful if problems with impotence develop after a man has led a life of intense and frequent sexual activity for many years. A cold sensation felt in the genitals is a strong indication for Agnus castus. People who need this remedy are often very anxious about their health and loss of abilities, and may have problems with memory and concentration.
    Argentum nitricum: This remedy may be helpful if a man's erection fails when sexual intercourse is attempted, especially if thinking about the problem makes it worse. People who need this remedy are often nervous and imaginative. A person who needs Argentum nitricum is usually warm-blooded, with cravings for both sweets and salt.
    Caladium: This remedy may be helpful to a man whose genitals are completely limp, despite having sexual interest. Nocturnal emissions can occur without an erection, even if dreams are not sex-related. A person who needs this remedy often craves tobacco.
    Causticum: This remedy may be indicated if physical pleasure during sex has diminished and sexual urges are reduced. The person feels tired and weak, and may experience memory loss, with a compulsive need to check things (to see that doors are locked, etc.) Prostate problems may be associated with impotence, and urine may be lost when the person coughs or sneezes.
    Lycopodium: Commonly called club moss, is a wonderful homeopathic remedy.
    People who need this remedy may have problems with erections because of worry, and can also be troubled by memory loss. They often lack self-confidence (though some may overcompensate by acting egoistically). People who need this remedy often have digestive problems with gas and bloating, and an energy slump in the late afternoon and evening. Selenium metallicum: Selenium is a nutrient needed by humans in micro amounts. It is widely distributed in nature. Brazilian nuts, sea-foods, yeast, whole grains are all excellent sources of selenium. Homeopathic remedy is highly potent and has a wide curative spectrum for disorders like impotency, chronic fatigue syndrome, sterility, depression etc. This remedy is often helpful to men who have diminished sexual ability, especially if the problem starts after a fever or exhausting illness. The person feels weak and exhausted, but interest is usually still present. Erection is slow, insufficient, weak and has involuntary seminal emissions. unusual hair-loss  body hair or eyebrows) can also suggest a need for Selenium.
    Staphysagria: Staphysagria is a homeopathic remedy made from the seeds of the Delphinium Staphisagria, which has lovely purple-blue flowers, and in its raw form is highly poisonous, historically used to kill vermin. The homeopathic remedy, through its preparation, is no longer toxic yet remains extremely powerful. Staphyagria is often an indicated remedy when there is a history of abuse. This can either be physical, sexual or emotional misuse of power and the sufferer generally does not have the ability to fight back for whatever reason. Gentle-natured, quiet men with deep emotions may respond to this remedy. Problems with impotence often occur from embarrassment or shyness. People who need this remedy often have a history of emotional suppression and very sensitive feelings.

    Other remedies considered are:

    Time for an energy shift!!

    Are you exhausted?
     Too much weight on your shoulders?
    Heavy heart?
    Too many med's?
    or simply feeling crummy?

     Reiki energy therapy, sends new waves of vibrations/frequencies throughout the bodies systems, including our subtle bodies/aura and chakras. It helps release old patterns, no matter what they are or where there at, within us. You feel lighter and more joyful...give it a try...its pretty cool!!

     Call Bayday @ Vibrational light & energy (612)910-4624


    Whether it be Surviving an earthquake, the events of September 11, 2001, diagnosed with cancer or some other major trauma...

     PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and insomnia sufferers,  Reiki healing can help you, it can be part of your treatment plan.

     Reiki Healing Can change your Life , it will leave you  feeling relaxed and balanced after each Reiki session.

     It could immediately change your life for the better.

    A better night’s sleep for one!

    Trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour?

    Late work schedule?

     Bad sleeping habits?


    Staring at the ceiling, thoughts spinning in your head, and many times, your heart racing?



    The human body is amazingly adaptable, Reiki treatments are real relief for the anxiety that can keep you sleepless for so long.
    Very quickly you will notice a subtle shift into relaxation.
    Start your day, week or month, with a 30 minute Reiki session, come as often as you like, there is no limitations.

    The spirit only absorbs exactly what it needs, simply making it life-changing.

    Wake up agitated? with a billion things to do?

    Ease into your morning and it’s will make all the difference in how you approach your day.

    You will be more patient, less reactive, and that can be invaluable with a toddler in the house.

    Feel like a better person, a better parent and a better spouse.

    Your family and friends will see the change as well (probably the ultimate test), as you will seem “calmer and less stressed out.”

    Get excited about the path you can easily start...

    (612) 910-4624


    Benefits of Reiki-Stress-health-fatigue-confusion-fear-anxiety-pain-anger-phobia-addictions-sadness-grief

    Reiki as a preventive and curative medicine

    Eastern medical philosophy has always emphasized the superiority of maintaining good health over curing illness. Reiki is a preventive medicine , you experience both its preventive and its curative functions at the same time. If you have a disease, Reiki will cure it, if not, Reiki will promote your health and longevity. This preventive cum curative quality of Reiki makes it a unique healing system. 

    It is natural to be healthy
    It is only when certain parts of our bodies fail to function naturally that sickness occurs. The causes may be from bacteria and viruses, organic (toxins) or psychosomatic.
    •Bacteria and viruses are always present in our bodies, but they are kept in check (sometimes even exploited to do useful work for us) as long as our bodies function naturally. 
    •Toxins are continually clogging our organs, but as long as we function naturally, these toxins will be neutralized by the chemicals produced by our body. 
    •Our brain is continually stressed, but again, if nature runs its course we will be adequately relieved after sleep and rest.

    The Eastern concept of health is also wider than that of the West. To be healthy is not just to be free from disease. A person cannot be called healthy if he/she is often restless, irritable or extremely forgetful, cannot concentrate or sleep soundly, and has no zest for work or play. 

    How does Reiki promote health
    First, it frees us from disease; it prevents as well as cures illness. Then it helps us to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually, giving us the wonderful benefits of health in its wider sense. The preventive and curative qualities of Reiki can be reduced to two simple principles: the cleansing of meridians and balancing of the chakras to achieve a harmonious energy flow. 

    How does Reiki prevent or cure contagious diseases?
    When disease-causing micro-organisms attack certain parts of the body, reserve energy is channelled to meet these attacks. But if the meridians are blocked, then the flow of reserve energy is hindered, and illness results. When using Reiki you cleanse the meridians, harmonizing energy levels and promote a smooth flow of reserve energy to the areas under attack, thus restoring the balance. Reiki sessions increases our reserves of energy, thus preventing any possible future outbreak of illness. 

    What is Reiki 
    Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy which animates us all and is found all around us.
    Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using "universal life energy" channelled through me to the recipient.
    Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help. 

    Reiki treatment
    You relax, fully clothed, on a massage table, lightly covered with a sheet while I hold my hands on or above you. A treatment last 30 minutes. covering all the important organs of the body.
    There is no pressure on the body making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions, sometimes hands are even held away from the body. The energy flows wherever it is required (spiritually guided) and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

    Reiki is an effective healing method
    Reiki can be used for many ailments like reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma - respiratory problems, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus, anxiety and many more. You can find treatment suggestions for specific problems under the button "How to use Reiki". (Please observe that Reiki should never be used instead of medical treatment, it should be used as a compliment and a way to become and remain healthy.)

    There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can receive a Reiki treatment . As in any healing the first step towards a healthier life is a desire to be healed. 

    Reiki - a powerful and gentle healer 
    •Promotes natural self-healing 
    •Balances the energies in the body 
    •Balances the organs and glands 
    •Strengthens the immune system 
    •Treats symptoms and causes of illness
    •Relieves pain 
    •Clears toxins 
    •Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
    •Enhances personal awareness 
    •Relaxes and reduces stress
    •Promotes creativity 
    •Releases blocked and suppressed feelings 
    •Aids meditation and positive thinking 
    •Heals holistically

    Reiki will enrich your life and give you happiness and health on all levels.

    Reiki and the chakras

    Covers and treats all the major chakras!! The chakras are both connected to the physical organs in our body and the different layers in the aura.

    7 centers of energy
    Chakra is a Sanskrit word and means "wheel". A wheel that spins around its own axis and can spin fast or slowly. A chakra will spin in relation to the energy level of your system. Where will you find these chakras? They exist within us all. In the same way that we have a physical body we also have a subtile body. Our chakras are parts of a large network of subtile energies.

    Today we know that living cells from humans, animals and plants give off invisible energies. Simple groups of living tissue issue a sort of light (aura) that can be seen on a Kirlian photo. Specialized groups of cells that make up physical organs create more organized energy patterns. The human body's system consists of sensory, breathing, circulation, digestion, reproduction and secretion. There are six corresponding chakras for these bodily functions. The brain and the whole being also has one chakra, making a total of 7 major chakras. These chakras are situated at the top of the head, forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, the navel and at the bottom of the pelvis.

    The chakras and the physical body
    Every chakra has a corresponding organ in our physical system.
    The root chakra belongs together with the large intestine and the rectum. It also has a certain influence on the function of the kidneys.
    The navel chakra belongs to the reproduction system, the testicles and ovaries and also the urinary bladder and kidneys.
    The solar plexus chakra is in relation to the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen and the small intestine.
    The heart chakra belongs to the heart and the arms.
    The throat chakra relates to the lungs and the throat.
    The third eye (forehead) chakra belongs to the brain, face, nose, eyes etc.
    The crown chakra does not have a corresponding organ but is related to the whole being.

    There is a clear connection between the condition of a chakra and the condition of the corresponding organ. A chakra can be over active, under active or in balance. Using Reiki can give the chakras balance and the organs health.

    Chakras and the endocrine system
    The chakras change energy from one level to another by distributing Ki (also called Chi, Prana, Mana depending on belief system) to the physical body. This is partly done through the endocrine system that regulates other systems in the body. According to tradition each chakra also corresponds to one of the major glands in the body. The Reiki hand positions not only cover the chakras but also major organs and glands.
    The root chakra is in relation to the adrenal gland.
    The navel chakra to the ovaries or testicles.
    The solar plexus chakra is related to the pancreas.
    The heart chakra belongs together with the thymus.
    The throat chakra corresponds to the thyroid gland.
    The third eye chakra has a connection to the pituitary gland.
    The crown chakra is usually connected to the pineal gland.

    The endocrine system plays a major role for the body's daily health. The glands release hormones directly into the blood stream and control all aspects of growth, development and daily activities.

    Physical problems are often the result of a blockage in the energy flow in the system made up of meridians and chakras causing the organs or glands to not function properly.

    The aura - the subtle body

    Quantum physics describes the universe as energy, with energy and matter interchangeable. Psychology, Eastern therapy, and complementary medicine all have terms for life as energy. The aura can be viewed as an energy field surrounding the body, interacting through spiritual and psychological levels via structures called chakras. In other words the aura is an energy field that surrounds the physical body and is discernible to those of psychical sight.

    The 7 main chakras have their origin in the physical body but they also exist in all the layers of the aura. The speed and vibration level of the energy is increased with each level. One can say that the human consciousness is manifested on 7 levels or in the 7 layers that is the aura.

    How Reiki affects the aura
    Before a Reiki treatment, a persons aura might normally only extend a few decimeters outside the persons body. The treatment strengthens the aura and gives a permanent aura of about 2 -3 meters. At the same time the consciousness, the inner strength and the ability to intuitively see what needs to be changed in order to achieve maximum health is increased. Through the Reiki treatment and the strengthening of the aura you get the tool to take control over your life and development.

    During a Reiki treatment not only the organs and the energy flow within the body are affect but also the different bodies of the aura are affected. When using distance healing or the mental/emotional symbol the aura seems to be more affected than the actual organs in the body.

    The different layers/bodies in the aura

    The Physical body, is the most tangible manifestation of our consciousness. Its function is to be here and now, to be conscious of what we do: walking when walking, eating when eating etc. We all know the fears of the physical body - sickness, aging and death.

    The Etheric body, is a thin invisible layer, approx. 2 cm thick, around the physical body. This is where the energy is reflected when it flows through meridians and chakras. The etheric body or double acts as a template for the physical body and appears as an energy matrix. It is described in Chinese medicine as meridians that transmit chi (ki) through the body. Consciousness is expressed in terms of sensations like physical pleasure or pain.
    Many of our dreams can be found in the etheric body. With the aid of mantras, symbols, essence etc. one can affect the function of this part of the aura. Connected to the Root chakra.

    The third body is the Emotional body. The emotional body is egg shaped and contains the other 2. This body reflects the feelings and emotions we have. Emotions like happiness, hope, love, anger, sorrow, hate are all found here. The emotional body is also connected to our past which can cause problems. The body is laced with wishes and desires from the past and this can cause tensions. It is important to learn how to handle different emotions during a day, the risk is otherwise that they become suppressed and stored in the emotional body and can later be the cause of blockages and disturbances leading to medical problems. Connected to the Navel chakra.

    The Mental body's function is to teach us self knowledge. The mental body as it's name implies reflects the conscious mind, logic, intellect and active thinking.
    We shape our reality with our minds. Our mind is the constructor, the builder. It reflects our ability through which we develop our learning and personality. Mental heath or mental illness is reflected in this level. Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

    The Astral body. Unconditional love. Connected to the Heart chakra. The astral aura is the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual realm.

    The Etheric Template body (divine will) can be identified with memory and our thought processes. Here all our memories, forgotten, remembered or pushed away, are mirrored. The Etheric Template also stores the present and all the possible futures. Connected to the Throat chakra.

    The Celestial body mirrors the subconscious mind that is a part of the inactive part of our brain. By listening to your subconscious, your intuition, you can make your journey through life more simple and rewarding. Consciousness expresses itself as higher feelings like universal love; love that goes beyond human beings and friends into a universal love for all life. Connected to the Third eye chakra.

    The Causal body (Ketheric Template) is the last body. The energies in this body spins with a very high frequency. This is where the soul communicates with the conscious mind via the subconscious mind in the mental body. Consciousness is expressed in higher concepts of knowing or belief systems. This is where the initial creative impulse begins; not just linear knowing, but integrated knowing. Connected to the Crown chakra.

    The system of meridians

    The Chinese, in the 3rd millennium B.C., posited the existence of a vital energy which they called Chi (life force, life energy). All matter, animate and inanimate, is composed of and pervaded with this universal energy.

    Same as we need blood to flow freely through our body's circulatory system we also need Chi to flow freely through our system of meridians. Simplified one can say that the meridians are the equivalent of our blood vessels but instead of transporting blood this system transports Chi or life energy. Sickness can occur when there is a blockage in the meridians and the Chi no longer can flow freely or when the yin and yang balance of the Chi is disturbed.

    12 primary meridians
    There are two systems of channels or meridians, namely primary and secondary meridians. Primary meridians pass through internal organs but secondary do not. There are 12 pairs of primary meridians with Chi flowing in continuous circulation through the following organs: lungs, colon, stomach, spleen, heart, intestines, urinary bladder, kidneys, pericardium, triple warmer, gall bladder and liver. The primary meridians are named by the organ they are connected to i.e. lung meridian,heart meridian etc.

    Almost all points used in acupuncture and acupressure are situated along the primary meridians. Please note that just because the meridians are named according to the organs they pass through it does not mean that they only correspond to these organs and their functions. The meridians also consist of complex interrelated systems for the circulation of Chi. 

    Yin and Yang
    This Chi contains two polar forces, the yin and the yang. When the yin and yang are balanced, the living system exhibits physical health; when they are unbalanced, a diseased state results. Overly powerful yang results in excessive organic activity. Predominate yin makes for insufficient functioning. Either imbalance results in physical illness. The ancient art of acupuncture and acupressure focuses on balancing the yin and the yang.

    Reiki and the meridians
    A Reiki treatment will balance the yin and yang and facilitate a smooth flow of Chi through the meridian system. Blockages in meridians can be dissolved by Reiki and help restore the body's healthy flow of Chi.

    Make an appt. today!
    return your bodies systems to their " natural state of balance"
    call or text: (612)910-4624
    much love...Bayday


    Every year about 1 out of 1000 adults are diagnosed as having or passing kidney stones every year.
    There are several type of kidney stones and although **** basic kidney **** health is ESSENTIAL for the prevention of all kidney stones, each type has other aspects which need to be considered. 
    Some natural healers say that before anyone has ANY SYMPTOMS of kidney problems they can have at LEAST 60% KIDNEY DAMAGE, so it's very important to strive to keep them healthy.
    Most people have been told that it is important to drink 8-10 glasses of good water a day.
     Urine should be 96% or better of water in order to flush all the sediment out of the kidneys.
    It is almost impossible to get good water today. Experts suggest that people only drink water purified by a reverse osmosis system. Even Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water needs to be kept refrigerated.
    Many people are buying bottled water. When water is stagnant it breeds bacteria unless it is distilled or chemically treated.
    Chemicals used to purify the water are linked with kidney disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and more.
    Distilled water is unstable molecularly. The process of distilling encourages Hydrogens to share an oxygen molecule
    It is still called H2O or Water, but everything in nature tries to stabilize itself including distilled water. As the unstable water passes through the urinary system, especially the kidneys it will draw out oxygen which, with prolong use, can weaken the kidneys. I don't believe that anything not found in that state in nature be considered totally safe.
    Which is healthier for you, R.O. water or Distilled?
     R.O. water side= has skin which was healthy and vibran
    Distilled water side= has skin which doesn't have the same glow. .
    A high quality spring water, should be a good source as well. Water drawn from pure springs not refrigerated will breed bacteria no matter how sterile looking the bottle. Some people say "The top of the water cooler isn't refrigerated but as it comes out it passes a cooling system." What they are drinking then is cold bacteria. If you had piece of meat out for days or weeks could you make it safe by refrigerating it right before you eat it?
    Many a public water system has been laced with fluoride to strengthen our teeth. This Fluoride can alter the brain function and can destroy your kidneys. You can buy a new set of teeth much easier than going through a kidney transplant.
    Another important aspect in keeping healthy kidneys is to keep all of the other eliminating systems functioning properly.
    The 2.4 million nephrons inside the kidney filter the blood.
    If the bowel, liver, or the skin is not functioning properly the blood will be more toxic and will cause more acid than the kidneys are designed to handle. Many with gout will attest to this fact.
    Probably what causes the most abuse to the kidneys are:
    COFFEE, TEA AND SODA. Some people think that it's the caffeine in these drinks that is hard on the kidneys and joints. Caffeine is not good for you, but it is the tannic acid that damages the kidneys. Another real offender is artificial colored sugar water. Carbonation is also very hard on the kidneys.
    Do drink good water, juices and herbal teas.
    Although a pH imbalance can cause stones, the vast majority of these stones (80%) contain Calcium.
    To understanding safe and unsafe sources of calcium you might want to read the following Milk, Organic Vs. Inorganic.
    Organic Vs Inorganic Minerals
    Mineral are needed for every bodily function. The body needs and uses over 70 different minerals.
    There are two kinds of minerals. One is organic and the other inorganic. The body does not treat both as the same.
    An example of this is arsenic. Arsenic in the chemical, metal or inorganic state can be a lethal poison, however, it is also found in celery and asparagus.
    Another example of this is Iron. The prescription iron is more than likely ferric (iron) acid. They make ferric acid by taking a piece of iron and pouring acid over it. When it rusts they scrape it off and put it into a pill and call it an iron supplement.
    This inorganic iron will cause the stole to darken, can be poisonous and usually the more you take the more constipated you become.
    Organic iron, however, in raisins and prunes does not usually darken the stole. In fact, the more you take usually the looser the bowel movement.
    Lets examine these types of minerals separately.
    Inorganic minerals never lived and are elements that cannot bring life into our cells. They have an covalent bond which the body cannot break down. They are metals and the body treats them more as toxins than as nutrients.
    Organic minerals once were or are now living and can bring life to and be utilized by cells. They have an ionic bond which the body can break down into usable material for tissue repair and function. It is made of a plant (which draws the inorganic mineral from the soil by way of the roots and converts them into organic minerals), or living organism and the body uses it as food.
    There is also the spin of the electron (organic mineral's electrons spin clockwise as do the cells of the human body. Inorganic mineral's electrons spin counterclockwise.)
    The vibratory rate of organic minerals is comparable to tissue and cells. Inorganic minerals are not.
    For example, someone with an extreme amount of calcium deposits in their joints.
    Hands are morbidly deformed,can no longer write or even open a microwave door. Given high levels of organic calcium, which displaced the inorganic.  Hand can improved significantly and you are  able to do most normal activities.
    Most if not all prescription and OTC (over the counter) minerals (including some so called natural) are inorganic. When choosing your mineral make sure it is of a plant source.
    If the body is lacking magnesium it can not utilize calcium and it can end up as bone spurs or kidney stones.
    What is a Bone Spur?
    It is a deposit of calcium. Bone spurs are the most common, although you can get deposits in joints (which can push the bone out of the socket such as hammer toes) spine or on the end of a bone. It is often sharp and when outside pressure is added on the surrounding soft tissue or nerves, produces a consider amount to severe amount of pain.
    Calcium supplements which do not have a 1:2 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium shouldn't be taken by anyone. Ratio of 1:1 Calcium to Magnesium should be taken by those over 30. ***
    Remember all calcium/magnesium can raise your blood pressure if you have a potassium deficiency, you may have to add potassium***
    A Good calcium supplement will also contain Vitamin D.
    Other stones are made up of or contain uric acid. People who have poor digestion can develop these stones after consuming Turkey, Beer, Red meat, Mushrooms, Beans (except Green beans) and Simple Carbs. (Uric acid can also cause Gout and arthritis).
    Jumpier berries, Safflowers, Black Cherries and Black Cherry juice can be beneficial in lowering Uric acid..
    Some develop stones with oxalic acid. Foods which produce this acid are: alcohol, asparagus, beets, caffeine, chocolate, coffee, nuts, spinach and tea.
    Watermelon is helpful in cutting down on oxalic acid.
    The kidney can also develop Cystine stones. Often a genetic origin, which can be helped by limiting the ingestion of proteins, meats, milks and foods containing l-cystine an amino acid which often in body building protein drinks.
    Fresh squeezed Lemon juice, plenty of water and hydrangea has been reported to help dissolve kidney stones.
    If you have chronic kidney stones you might also want to work with your parathyroid or at least get it checked.
    If you are unlucky enough to be one of the 1 in 1000 to have a kidney stone this year, make sure that you are told what the stone was made of so you can avoid what causes it, hence cutting down the the probability of ever developing another.
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