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Home & Vechicle Blessings

Have your Vechicle cleared & blessed...and why!!

Just as every motor vehicle needs to be physically cleaned each week, your motor vehicle also needs to be spiritually cleansed of negative influences and energies.
 Every motor vehicle, home, building,piece of furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. carries with it the energies of those who made the object,
those who sold it, those who previously owned it and everyone that has ever touched it.

Your motor vehicle whether new or used has within itself the energies, thoughts, feelings, vibrations and influences of everyone connected to it. Within its seats, floor boards, hood, windows, doors,
dashboard, roof, trunk and on other flat surfaces whether inside or outside, are impregnated with various energies and vibrations. Everyone that has driven or will drive your motor vehicle and anyone who comes into the boundaries of your motor vehicle leaves something behind. This could be either positive or negative energies. Each passenger whether they are a visitor, a neighbor, a stranger, a family member or relative can leave both negative and positive thoughts and feelings.

The reasons you need to conduct a Spiritual Clearing and Blessings:
To remove any Negative influences and energies left by others
To release Negative  Spirits that are causing havoc and fear inside or outside your motor vehicle.

If you have just purchased a motor vehicle whether new or previous owned, it is important  to eliminate any Negative energies and vibrations from anyone involved in the making of your vehicle, such as Automobile Workers, Engineers and Designers, any Salespeople involved with the sale
of your  vehicle, and, of course, Previous Owners especially if you know that there was something negative connected to it.
Bayday  can  release these types of energies from new and previously owned motor vehicle.
By performing  a Spiritual Motor Vehicle Blessing & Cleansing if you suspect that :
Negative  Spirits which are ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions and memory energy fragments have taken up residency within or around your motor vehicle. They may have been there before you purchased the motor vehicle or came on the coat tails of friends, family members and even yourself.

Memory Energy Fragments and Apparitions
are residue thoughts, energies and vibrations from the past. They are just like a tape recorder repeating the same song over and over again. Memory Energy fragments and Apparitions, however, repeat the same old scene, the same sounds, the same feelings, the same memories over and over again. They are unaware of what’s going around them for they are just a fragment of a memory or a person from long ago.

Ghosts and Poltergeists, 
are earthbound spirits who have not gone into the Light of God. They are aware of your presence and what’s happening in your life. They can cause untold mischief and grief within your motor vehicle causing accidents, numerous traffic violations, mechanical breakdowns anddrain energies for anyone who comes in contact with your motor vehicle. They have not or will not accept that they are dead or they just don’t recognize that they are dead. Some earthbound spirits refuse to leave their possessions, their addictions, their life on Earth, so they, in essence, have missed their opportunity to go into the Light. While some are just afraid to go into the Light; most ghosts and poltergeists are seeking a way back to the Light but don’t know how to get there. Bayday is very effective in releasing these Spirits into the Light.

If you suspect you may have within your motor vehicle N
egative Spirits which is a hex, a curse or a psychic attack then you will benefit from this cleansing as well.   These negative energies may be
residue energies and vibrations from the past as the former owners of your motor vehicle may have dabbled in the dark arts or the motor vehicle may have had an ancestral curse or hex placed on it which Had not been released into the Light. Hexes, Curses and Psychic Attacks can also come from friends, family members, former lovers and spouses, and others who for one reason or another do not like you personally, don’t like the way you look, the way you talk and/or are jealous of your present life. These
individuals have chosen to cause untold pain around you and drain energies for drivers and passengers of your motor vehicle. You do not need to believe in hexes, curses or psychic attacks to experience this phenomenon. These energies have a life of their own. .

Here are only two ways to release Negative Energies and Negative One Spirits from your motor vehicle:

Can be conducted remotely or on site, by contacting Bayday

When a Spiritual Motor Vehicle Blessing and Cleansing is performed God’s Grace and Blessing surround the inside and outside of the home and all negative energies and spirits are transformed and released into the Light of God.

It is especially important to perform a Spiritual Motor Vehicle Blessing and Cleansing when you have just purchased a new or used motor vehicle and when you are experiencing major life changes such as:

  • Divorce or Separation
  • Death or Birth in the Family
  • Relationship Problems
  • Environmental Disasters
  • Life-Threatening Physical Illnesses
  • Depression or any Emotional Difficulties
  • Substance Abuse Issues such as Alcohol, Cigarette, Drugs & Food Addictions
  • Sexual or Physical Abuse Problems
  • Criminal Activities and Invasions
  • Major Surgeries or Illnesses

Once a Spiritual Motor Blessing and Cleansing ceremony has been performed you will experience:

  • A restoration of harmony and balance within your motor vehicle.
  • Shifts the energy in your motor vehicle to a vibrant, feel good, filled with love, joy and peace

  • Helps with personal and financial successes connected to your motor vehicle.
  • Helps release substance and physical abuse issues.
  • Brings peace and harmony with family members and friends who may be passengers in your motor

It is recommended that you cleanse your motor vehicle once per month for the first three months and every three to six months thereafter to keep your motor vehicle harmonious and free of negative vibrations and spirits.
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