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Are you "Fed-up yet" from taking an endless supply of drugs & supplements?? Endless trips to Chiropractor, Acupuncture & Massage Sessions and even Medical doctors?? Endless Researching wearing you out?? Confusion & Frustration settling in??

  • Experiencing Painful,Lingering Chronic conditions & just plain tired out from the everyday struggle too just feel normal?

  • Suffering from annoying ailments,Phobias,Habitual habits & patterns?

  • Bothered by all the continual side effects 0f the Universal & Enviromental "BLASTS" of Frequencies & Vibrations effecting every part of your Body & Life?? 

  • Physical body feeling sluggish & heavy? Spiritual body feeling lost & lonely? Emotional body feeling like its "Had Enough already"- Geez!! Mental body feeling the Spins & Shakes,like its going through a Tornado of thoughts & " I just dont know what to think or do anymore??

  • Want to try a Holistic approach?? Dig deeper into Core issues?? With no pain or discomfort??

         Read that Again⬆

Millions of people have found "REIKI" Healing and it's Powerful Energy Sources to be a way better solution than drugs, surgery or Therapy. 

Reiki successfully addresses acute and chronic pain, Micro & Major Trauma, Illness, Disease and all types of Genetic and Heredity conditions and dysfunctions. These Beautifully infused energies of Pure Unconditional Love & Healing Frequencies & Vibrations, will not interfere with any medical treatments, or even how you go about your day after a session.

It is a God-Send natural healing method and facilitates your self-healing to a higher level & re-charges your Soul.

Look at it this way...It is similar to the treatment of a fractured bone, the physician sets the bone fragments in place, but the body itself finally heals the split.

It's an extraordinary method for healing not only the Entire Physical body,Your Emotional, Mental,and Spiritual Body all get Upgraded with the Newest Frequencies & Vibrations you can handle, at the time of your session.

"HEALING THERAPY" is Totally safe, painless, deeply relaxing and very peaceful. Its a time to rest your Tired out Bodies!! Office Sessions run approx. 35 minutes , in a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere in a Nature setting.

The client remains fully clothed during the session, you don't even have to take your shoes off!

No need to share any Information with me, (unless you choose to) All I need is your Birthname.


*Distant Sessions* are available for those with busy schedules, mobility issues,on Vacation, Location issues or just plan convience.Including Prison Cell, Jail Cell, Nursing Home, Hospitials,Jury Duty, etc.

Go to Distant Healing Session page to book your appt.


           Read that again⬆

Beneficial for: 

  • Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, Addictions, Acid Reflux, Anxiety, Achiness, Clearing Aura, Abuse Trauma

  • Bacterial, Behavioral Issues of all kinds, Bone healing, Blood Purification , Back & Disc problems, Balance problems

  • Carpal Tunnel, Concussions, COPD, Chronic Conditions, Cysts, Chakra Attunement, Cell Repair, Chemical Impurites, Cardiovascular System

  • Dizziness , Depression, Disease, DNA,Digestive System

  • Energy Blocks, Ear issues, Endocrine System Imbalances

  • Fatigue, Flush Toxins, Fungus, Fibromyalgia 

  • Gastrointestinal, Gynecological problems, Gout

  • Headaches, Hives, Heart Conditions

  • Infertility, Insomnia, IBS, Intestinal Issues

  • Joint Pain, Jaw Pain

  • Knee Issues, Knuckle Pain

  • Ligaments, Lymphatic System

  • Menopause, Mood Swings, Migraines, Muscular System

  • Negativity, Neck Pain

  • Osteoporosis

  • PMS, Phobias, Parasites

  • Respiratory Aliments, Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Suicidal, Stress, Soft Tissue Repair, Sprains & Strains, Surgery Recovery process, Spiritual Growth, Skeletal System

  • TMJ, Tendonitis, Tumors, Tendons, Tinnitus

  • Viruses

  • Wound Recovery and SO many more....People it covers everything!!

  • Stimulates all the bodies systems, to jump start and continue the healing process, no matter what the cause.

  • Compliments any age, from Infants to the Elderly... and very beneficial for pregnant women and all Animals & Pets

My goal is to bring you to a higher, healthier, happier level of every area of your life. Manifesting greater health and fulfillment for you, by raising your bodies vibration levels.

All work is done for your highest good, from the Purest and Most Powerful Realms,and Always with your best interests in mind.

I take my work, gifts, abilties very seriously, its my life and I am honored beyond words to be choosen.

Please rest assured, you will be treated with great respect and with complete confidentiality. I do not look at or interfere with any other aspect of your life, I am only concerned with your over all well-being. 

Each session is customized to your needs. All I need from you is your Birthname, prior to session, nothing else, it's that simple! No Birthdate or additional information needed. I will mediatate the day of your session and recieve information from my Godly Spirit sources, using only your birthname. I will then share this information with you, BEFORE we "start" your table session. There is no talking during session , It is your Soul Time to shut down & reboot.

During the Reiki session, soft music is played with a comfy blanket placed on top of you, as you lay comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed. You dont even have to take your shoes off!  

*DISTANT HEALING* is another fabulous way to recieve the healing benefits from the comforts of your home , office, hospital stay,vacation, etc. You do not need to be on the phone with me, during the distant session. Find a comfortable spot and just relax. More information on Distant Healing Page.


(612) 910-4624

Contact Healing Vibes today...

"Bayday" is a Usui Reiki Master /Teacher and Shaman Practioner, dedicated to her life passion of healing.

Return to a happier and healthier

"Natural State Of Balance"

Just the way we all came here!!

Take time for yourself-

Start putting yourself first, start feeling yourself again... then you can circle back to help others. Fill your core basket first or you wont be able to give your best or do your all. With a core basket half empty or sometimes, sadly less then that, its just wearing you out! Adding more stress & anxiety, spreading yourself to know the story. 

Change your story, fill your depleted core basket...Book a Session and make that change!!

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