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Harmful Manipulation of energies and forces.

These feelings are also known as Psychic and Entity attacks, and do occur when dark and lower vibrating energies are sent to an individual or place, creating aweful and unsettling disturbances in the energetic and physical bodies of the person or place.

These unfriendly and unnatural energies/entities, that some call an evil spirit, an harmful entity, a dark presence, errie feelings, icky thought forms can seriously affect people, places and personal possessions. It can penetrate to the very core of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

They attack weak psyches and can produce debilitating effects on the overall health and energy level of the affected person. 

These attacks are real and do happen and they happen more often today than ever before. 

Psychic attacks involve the transferring of dark and lower vibrating energies into someone's physical and/or energetic bodies , homes, etc...and are sent without awareness. 

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Dark Spirits and Entities

There are dark energy manifestations of Entities that can move into physical bodies ,and auras affecting what people think, speak, do, desire, and feel.

When invaded, the individual attacked can take on the physical attributes, illnesses and behavior of the entity occupying them, to such a degree that there appears to be a complete personality change.

Negative Thought Forms

Another major type of dark negative energy that can be sent to others, is through negative thinking, anger, wishing harm to others, jealousy, animosity, seeking revenge, vindictiveness, or other forms of thought that are based in anger, rage and fear.

Can We Draw Dark EnergiesTo Ourselves?

Definitely!! Without any influence whatsoever from external sources.

Prolonged states;

Of anger, rage, resentments, bitterness, vindictiveness, and many types of fears, will draw and attract these dark energies. 

Ongoing repressed;

Negative emotions can eventually turn into a certain type of entity energy.


Of all types, is a very powerful draw for dark types of energies.


(These symptoms can also indicate other types of health problems and it's important to investigate all possibilities.)

Almost any where there are negative people, emotions or icky thoughts exist. You can pick them up at restaurants, in stores, bars, parks, at any type of gathering!! etc... thus bringing them back into your own home, office and/or environment.

Clearing the Darkness

If you believe the feelings you are having are dark entities , psychic attacks, It's important to eliminate these as soon as possible!

Once a clearing is completed, new protection is given to the individual, home, property, vehicle, personal belongings and pets. In other words, all that surrounds the individual.

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