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Distant Relationship Session

Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical clearing and healing facilitation for ALL types of Relationships

Energy healing is a treatment often sought for illnesses and imbalances that are not always easily explained. When our physical bodies are injured we can see the blood oozing from our injuries. When our bones become broken we can look at the fractures on X-rays. When our Emotional & Mental bodies are injured- there is no blood to be seen, no X-rays to be taken, just a feeling of deep brokenness within.

The human body is more than flesh, blood, and bones. Misalignments of our Subtle Energies, Aura and Chakras are not as easily diagnosed, because these energies are invisible to the human eye. When these invisible energies become misaligned, our FEELINGS are not easily diagnosed.

I now offer Reiki Therapy for Couples, Friendships, Family Members, etc...,

(LIMIT 2 PEOPLE PER SESSION} It can help restore energetic imbalances in the body... clearing, redirecting, or manipulating energies to ease with your day to day challenges.

A few helpful benefits:

Commitments, self-sabotage

Building your dream relationship

Bringing in Divine healing: More clarity , compassion into your relationship and expansion of Unconditional LOVE

Clears blockages on all levels

Feeling lonely and currently in a loveless relationship

Heavy heart and tired of pretending everything is alright, when it isn't

Tired of going to marriage,

relationship and family counselors, with little results and the endless struggle of getting everyone on board with issues, appointment times?

Stuck in an angry, hurtful place

Feel lighter and less anxious

Letting go of control and expectations-Releasing habitual patterns

Sleep more soundly

Release triggers and Emotional upsets

Angelic support for your bliss, connection & empowerment

Couples in crisis

Shift your relationship energy and continue to grow with Unconditional love

, feelings of safety , security and more nurturing ways

Couple healing is great for when you keep "Pushing one another's buttons", or as relationship "Tune up" for the seasoned couple

Many times both partners want the same thing, but may be stuck in "Old stagnant patterns and traumatic wounds" that prevent greater intimacy and soul connections

Reach out - Give it a chance to work 

You may find benefits of this work that you never anticipated!!

(LIMIT 2 PEOPLE for each SESSION} Distant sessions only and in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you may need it. 24/7

$150 for a 48hr session

A Chart will be sent to you via email, shortly after the 48hr. time period, with information on what Spirit worked on.

*See distant session page on this website for additional information on how distant sessions work

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