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Gypsy is living with a condition called Canine Mast Cell Tumor or (MCTs) which is a common form of skin cancer in dogs. They occur in dogs of all breeds, ages, and genders and can occur anywhere on the body. There appears to be a genetic component, as certain breeds are predisposed to developing MCT.

As pet owners, we choose initially to treat through surgical removal some of the larger tumors in her hind quarter area. They were causing her discomfort. The surgery was invasive and there was weeks of recovery. We do not regret this option as upon the removal, we confirmed the news of her condition and stopped that growth from reaching the bone tissue. Now we keep a watchful eye on her diet, her exercise and have chosen a holistic approach to treating her with Bayday's energy work in combination with return visits to her veterinarian.

We have committed to stay focused on her current state: playful, energetic, loving and faithful. She is teaching us to honor that as an animal, she does not have our understanding of her state of mortality.

Bayday's sessions help release energy blockages for Gypsy. She has been given spirit guidance to focus on the main lymphatic system. I have been able to stay in the room to provide extra comfort for Gypsy but her immediate trust in Bayday and her behavior shows that she understands she is being helped. She also recently had a "distant" healing and shows similar active and upbeat doggie playfulness after the healing.

My husband, Gypsy's master and the initial skeptic in most all things has been one of the ultimate benefactors to this process of healing with Bayday as it has given him a sense of having some control over what he CAN do for his pride and joy while she lives with a disease that he is trying to hold at bay.

We highly recommend animal Reiki with Bayday for your pet. The energy spills over to the pet owners!

Monica and Todd Beisang

St. Paul

 I have had the pleasure of seeing Bayday every week for the past 4 months and cannot express how much her work has helped me with many of life's aspects. From helping with my physical needs to balancing my emotional well-being, I have never felt better! My anxiety levels have dropped significantly and I am now much better at dealing with life's challenges while keeping a positive outlook. I have also tried products that Bayday makes herself such as the Energy Clearing Spray and her bath detoxifiers. They are absolutely amazing! I strongly suggest others to use her for her services. I am so thankful to have found her! Katie Brown

My first session with Bayday at Vibrational Light & Energy was late summer 2010. A friend of mine had offered a session as an early birthday present. I was stressed to the max with emotional, spiritual and physical issues. When I met with Bayday she knew exactly what was happening to my body and spirit without me telling her. When my session was over I felt wonderful. It was like a weight had been lifted. I’ve continued my sessions with Bayday (using her distance healing) and also am using her magical cleanser detoxer for my bath. My husband is also using Bayday’s services with great results. I have been a believer in alternative healing for some time now and would recommend Bayday’s services to anyone! I’m continuing my journey of healing because I know in my heart that Bayday saved my life.

Bonnie Leingang

While seeking an alternative approach in my healing journey, a doctor recommended Bayday to me. Even though it’s a six-hour round trip drive to her office, I was willing to try her service. I’ve had over 70 appointments with Bayday, and I’ve left every appointment feeling better than when I had arrived……ha, I’ve never had that experienced with any of the medical doctors I’ve seen! ;) I feel a deep peace while Bayday is balancing my aura, physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional states which aids in the natural healing process. Sometimes I experience a physical sign that my energy system has been repaired and balanced, such as the time I felt a big block lift out of my body (cool!). And I like the times when I can feel a light & temporary swirling energy in my head after an appointment, proof of the energy flow. Bayday has always offered me a calm, friendly, and sincere environment, and she’s been a determined soldier in enhancing my well being. I’ve been truly blessed by her healing gifts and by the integrity of her personal character.

BJ / Iowa

The moment I walked into the room I knew I was in a safe place. Bayday's calm and soothing present brought tranquilty, peace, and clarity to my inner self. I can only say I am so glad I have Bayday to help me stay grounded. There is no pretense with Bayday, she is only here to help bring out the positive energy we all have within us and to listen to ourselves.

Thank you Bayday.


I was referred to Bayday by my counselor for my former fiancee, and I wasn't sure what to think at first. After the first session, I had no idea what had just happened, but I knew I felt good. Bayday continues to help to heal me emotionally and physically every time I see her. She has what I'd like to call, "healing hands" and I'm so thankful for having been introduced to her. If you are not sure if light/energy work is for you my recommendation is to just try a session and see how you feel. Bayday does amazing work that can't always be explained away or totally understood, but I don't think there are some things that we will ever understand as humans. No matter how you feel in your mind or body, go see Bayday. Every single person I've referred to her has had nothing but good and amazing things to say. Go & tell your friends and you won't be disappointed.

Best wishes,


Bayday is a very gifted and wonderful person. She has helped me in so many differant ways. When I first saw her I was very sceptical, but learned quickly that what she does is very real. I've had sessions with her many times and never been disatisfied and always enjoy a new experiance each and every time. Whether it was stress or pain or ? She CAN help! All you need to do is believe............. Steve

I've had the profound pleasure of being on the receiving end of Bayday's healing work. At a time when I was very run down with severe fatigue due to my father's health taking a downward turn, after one distance session with Bayday, the brain fog and fatigue lifted and my energy ran higher than it has in months. She is pure of heart and intent and I feel completely safe putting my whole self in her capable, confident and loving hands. Thank you, Bayday, for the healing gift you are to us all.

Jeanne Daniels, Owner/Operator of Integrative Healing Therapies with Jeanne Daniels, Webster, WI

Bayday has worked on me for 4 years. My first experience was truly amazing. I could feel releases from my emotional body during my sessions. For many years I had lymes disease. My legs and arms would fall asleep at night. Overall, my boby symptoms have lessened 90 percent.

This healing takes time. It's a committment to yourself. It's a long term committment with the belief that one can heal. Bayday has also helped me grow spiritually, and there has been so many exciting experiences I have had. I also trust Bayday with my loved ones. Both my girls ages 10 and 7 receive distance hearings from Bayday. I highly recommend Bayday to all! If you are feeling lost or depressed or just need a boost spiritually, this type of work can really help! Thank you for doing gods work.

They picked the right person.

Irene Pregl

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