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reiki therapy flow of energy

What is it good for?

Why bother with energy healing at all?

Answer: Because people with a broken energy system can't live properly.

They can't think right.

They can't feel right.

They can't heal right.

They are in a cavern seeing the light but cannot get through the layers that encumber them.

If the energy system is broken in the body, It simply just cannot repair itself, or recover from any illness. Physical and emotional problems are bond to follow.

    What's The difference between "Spiritual Healing" and "Energy Healing"?

There is no difference between Energy healing and Spiritual healing.

Both describe the essential healing of our

"Energy System"

In the past, what we now call the Energy System was known as "Our Spirit" or you could also say, our "Energy Body".

You do not need to have a belief system in place to receiving this beautifully, powerfully infused Energy.

The Energy System, Spirit or Energy body is ABSOLUTELY REAL!! We are all made of Energy. Reiki Therapy works in your Energy Fields, Aura, Chakras and Subtle Bodies.


How do I Know I need an Energy Healing?

 Your unbalanced, disruptived emotions and odd behaviors, can easily be linked to disease, illness and So many other physical and psychological issues..

"The state of your spirit" - or how well your energy system is functioning, during these stages of stress, sadness, anger, grief, rage, anxiety, fear, and depression , is critical.

An unbalanced energy system leads directly to disturbed thinking, actions and finally to physical disease.


The energy vibration digs deep and goes to work repairing and healing the energy system. It restores the balance.

When the energy system gets shifted through Reiki, it works in harmony. We experience powerful positive emotions as a direct result ; joy, hope, delightfulness, love, less discomfort, feelings of lightness, being truly connected and grounded to the powerful vibrations of the Universe.

Powerfully life changing, on all levels !!


Among the main benefits of Energy Healing are:

  • It is simple and entirely keeps with the basic principles of Sacred Geometry that underlies ALL events in the Creative Order.

Energy Healing has no dogma, no religious alignments, no guess work, no leaps of faith required.

  • It is REAL, it is STRUCTURAL, and you can feel this for yourself.

  • The client knows where it hurts and what the problem is. I will work to restore health and even Flow.

Energy Healing does not conflict with allopathic healing, herbal healing, psychology or any other form of energy or spiritual healing.

  • It supports and enhances all and any other technique or system.

  • Removes that heaviness

  • Energy Healing can be used in conjunction with psychology, massage therapy, crystal healing, kinesiology, yoga, aikido, hypnosis, Feng Shui and many more.

  • The body was designed to heal itself, and wants to repair itself and will continue to try, no matter how horrendous the circumstances.

  • The human "spirit" has an innate drive towards even flow.

Energy Healing is a deep and fundamental change in how we view ourselves, the world and lifts a person above themselves, so that they are able to see everything from a new perspective. It will quickly show changes in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 


As a Reiki Master , I assist the natural healing of mind and body, restoring balance and harmony, throughout your entire core body. Removing and releasing energy blocks, which can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual to get you back on your path.

The higher vibration we are within, the better we feel.


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